Find Out About the Latest News on Big GTA 6 Leaks, Gamescom 2022 Best/Liked Games, and Nier: Automata’s Famed Hoax is Finally a Mod

In today’s computer gaming news, find out about this massive leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 features gameplay of a robbery, multiple locales in Vice City, and two playable characters. Meanwhile, a brand new real-time strategy game, an open world role-playing game, a narrative adventure game, and even more thrilling surprises are in store for you at Gamescom. Lastly, the final and greatest secret of Nier: Automata is now out in a playable form, hoax or not. The modders behind one of the year’s biggest mysteries in gaming have finally released their solution.

GTA 6 Leak Shows Robbery, Vice City, and Two Playable Characters

Original Source: Huge GTA 6 leak includes gameplay footage of robbery, Vice City locations, and two playable characters

A user on GTAForums as ‘teapotuberhacker’ claims to be behind a recent Uber hack and has shared 90 videos from a Grand Theft Auto 6 test build using “GTA 5 and 6 source code and materials.” Screenshots and excerpts from these films are circulating on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere. They fit up with specifics from the current GTA 6 leak and a previous one, which stated it will have multiple playable characters, one a woman, and be set in Miami-like Vice City.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirmed the leak, saying, “I’ve confirmed with Rockstar sources that the GTA VI leak is legitimate. Early and unfinished footage. One of the greatest leaks in video game history, and a nightmare for Rockstar Games “(

Player-character Lucia robs a waffle restaurant with Jason, taking hostages like in Pulp Fiction. A meter ticks down ‘Time Until Cops Dispatched,’ and it all seems like Red Dead Redemption 2 robbery, despite mannequin NPCs clipping through things, placeholder dialogue language like “Jason: GENERIC CURSE TO SELF,” and a GTA 5 cop car with V.C.P.D. scrawled on it.

More convincing is footage showing a guy player-character and two redneck associates (Twitter). Like, “Oh, he’s dead? As in Finland, “The voice acting is Rockstar-worthy.

Rockstar is also present in other ways. The “WhatUp! message received” signal during a strip club scene (Twitter) suggests a WhatsApp spoof, which seems very Rockstar, as does staging entire sequences in a strip club with pole dancing (opens in new tab).

Previous GTA 6 leaks said the game has been in production since 2014 and was initially called ‘Project Americas’ These data, some of which show a version operating on a PlayStation 4 dev kit, may be many years old. If they’re real, they confirm prior leaks that said the game wouldn’t be done until 2025. When will a PC version arrive? Breathe normally.

Gamescom 2022’s Top 6 Games

Original Source: 6 games that caught our attention at Gamescom 2022

PC Gamer’s Phil Savage and Mollie Taylor are at Gamescom in Cologne and have previewed The Callisto Protocol, Homeworld 3, and Jagged Alliance 3. They’ve seen many more games—I saw some scary schedules before they left—so we’ll have to wait until they wake up to find out what they’re most thrilled about.

Gamescom continues through the weekend, but its major reveals and announcements happened earlier in the week, particularly during Tuesday’s livestream, presented by Geoff Keighley, who presents the most videogame shows.

Watch Opening Night Live here if you missed it. It’s nearly two hours lengthy, and the big announcement at the end is the release date for Dead Island 2. At the show, there were some interesting games. There were additional exhibits, including Future Games Show by our publisher. After the week’s action, here are the six games we’re most excited for. 

A new C&C RTS

Wes Fenlon, RT Strategist: Rebirth of RTS. Renaissance of RTS Several years ago, EA worked with Petroglyph Games, a tiny studio founded by numerous former Westwood C&C developers, to remaster the original C&C and Red Alert. Off that accomplishment, Petroglyph announced The Great War: Western Front. I have to say it’s a bit brown for my taste, but I enjoy that Petroglyph is exploring larger-scale strategy unlike in C&C. Steam page quote sounds like Total War:

“As Theatre Commander, enjoy turn-based grand-strategy as you deploy armies, do research, and distribute resources throughout the Western Front in a battle won by millimeters. Take on the role of Field Commander in real-time combat as you command soldiers to beat your opponent, create trenches, and send men over the top.”

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is cool

Chris Livingston, Settler: A trailer can trigger endorphins in my brain. Airships? Settlements? Tall castles on cliffs? Yes to all. Bulwark looks great. I never played The Falconeer. Build fortresses and towns on an ocean planet’s snowcapped mountains, recruit commanders to unlock new building possibilities, and defend against aerial foes. It’s time.

But it’s Bloodborne

Tyler Colp, Bloodborn: Lies of P is a soulslike game partly based on Pinocchio. I like how the trailer shows how ludicrous the notion is without breaking the fourth wall. In 19th-century France, Pinocchio slays weird opponents and encounters his father, Geppetto. All of it is so Bloodborne that I have to play it.

Lauren M. She’s Bloodborn I’ve unironically been looking forward to Lies of P since it was revealed. The only surprise was that no one stopped me from using “Pinocchiosouls” as a headline.

Old Telltale employees on Tales from the Borderlands

Jody Macgregor, New & Old Weekend/AU editor: A Tales from the Borderlands sequel was announced in April, but Gearbox is making it in-house. The original was amazing because it was distinct from ordinary Borderlands, with new gameplay and people to show the ridiculousness of the environment from ground level. Borderlands 3’s writers tackling a comedy game felt like a bad flag. (Though Borderlands 3 DLC and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands improved the writing.)

The Gamescom teaser for New Tales from the Borderlands was accompanied by a message from Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford detailing its genesis. James Lopez, Gearbox’s director of production, informed IGN that the studio “worked with Tales alumni” to write it. Maybe we can hope again.

Offbeat indie detective game kills Chris Livingston, Murder Investigator: I was hooked by The Case of the Golden Idol’s demo. Investigate pixel art murder scenes by clicking on clues. To solve a murder, you’ll need to find the identities of everyone involved and decide the crime by dragging and dropping words into a scroll, like Return of the Obra Dinn and Mad Libs. Full game will have 12 murders to investigate, all of which are linked. I love the demo and can’t wait to play the full game, whose release date is unknown.

Finally a game where I can be an orator

Tyler Wilde, EO: Where Winds Meet was on Opening Night Live. It’s an open world action RPG set during the end of China’s Ten Kingdoms period, so a lot is happening. You have to be wary when a game promises authenticity and independence, but it was good to see actual gameplay footage at Gamescom. The city setting impressed me—look at all the NPCs in historical clothes—and I want to know more about non-combat vocations in Where Winds Meet.

Orator and ferryman top my list. Imagine ferrying NPCs around while orating for hours. That’s Modern Videogames. The publisher of Where Winds Meet is putting me in touch with its Hangzhou, China-based developer, so I’ll have more to say soon.

Nier: Automata’s Hoax is Now a Mod

Original Source: Nier: Automata’s legendary hoax is finally playable as a mod

The Nier: Automata Church mod comes from the modders who created one of the year’s biggest mysteries (opens in new tab). It’s an hour-long dedication to Nier: Replicant and Drakengard 3 and incorporates new mods.

You can drop the mod into the game’s data folder or utilize the Nier: Automata Mod Helper. You should be level 90 to handle the few fights in it. Description states “improvements” and “larger adjustments” will be made.

Twitch user Jaynoo played the mod live (opens in new tab). Most of it is familiar to anyone who followed Sadfutago’s Reddit and Discord teasing of the mod. You can enter a hidden entrance in Copied City during 9S. A twisting hallway leads to the famed church. When you enter it, a cutscene plays (something considered to be impossible with mods) and you fight a “bloby” creature.

After defeating “bloby” and solving a riddle, you’re tossed into a dark room with sculptures from Drakengard 3’s hidden ending. Using the flower in the centre of the chamber releases opponents and a tough monster.

Custom level geometry and bosses are used in the mod, which is a first for the community. Sadfutago’s post about a secret church in the game led users to search every byte of data for clues. Yoko Taro, the game’s creator, tweeted about it (opens in new tab). Devolas said it “got out of hand” after it was revealed to be a modding endeavor later that week.

People who worked on the church mod say it’s just the beginning of more serious mods. They’ve offered tools for others to make mods and expect the community to use them a lot.

Summary of Today’s Computer Gaming News

To put it simply, a user on GTA Forums  ‘teapotuberhacker’ who claims to be responsible for a recent Uber hack has posted 90 videos from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6 using “GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets.” Screenshots and clips from these videos are circulating on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other sites, and they align with details from the most recent GTA 6 leak and an earlier one, both of which indicated that the game will feature multiple playable characters, one of whom will be female, and will be set in and around Vice City, a Miami-like city.

On the other hand, Phil Savage and Mollie Taylor attended Gamescom in Cologne this week. After watching all of the week’s activity, the six games that they are most curious about and like are RTS renaissance, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, Lies of Pinnochio, Tales from the Borderlands, The Case of the Golden Idol, and Where Winds Meet.

Finally, Nier: Automata’s famous hoax can now be played as a mod. The mod’s creators encourage you to use the Nier: Automata Mod Helper to install the mod, otherwise, you can just drop it into the data folder for the game. You should be level 90 to handle the few fights in it. Description states “improvements” and “larger adjustments” will be made.



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