Every Fortnite Crew Pack skin ranked from worst to best

There are hundreds of items that rotate through the Item Shop on a weekly basis, and some that haven’t returned to the shop for years. But there are also items that players can’t get anymore, and here are the top 10 cosmetic items that won’t ever return. The most popular exclusive items come from the seasonal Battle Pass. At the start of each season, Fortnite releases a purchasable Battle Pass with 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetics. Players have 9-12 weeks to climb the Battle Pass tiers and unlock every item before the season ends. After which, these cosmetics will be gone forever. However, this article will only cover items that weren’t included in the Battle Pass. With a large number of players purchasing the Battle Pass each season, and quests making it easier than ever to reach tier 100, the seasonal cosmetic items aren’t very rare. This article will cover the top 10 cosmetic items that players can’t get anymore that WERE’NT in the Battle Pass.

Snowflake Umbrella – Season 2

fortnite snowflake umbrella glider
The Snowflake Umbrella is an exclusive glider that players could earn if they won a round Fortnite during Chapter 1 Season 2. It’s the first winners glider and is from an era of Fortnite vastly different than today. Before the time of cranking 90s or editing on opponents, the Snowflake Glider was one of the hardest items to obtain. Owning this glider shows that a player has truly been around since the beginning of Fortnite.

Throwback Axe

throwback axe fortnite
The Throwback Axe is one of the top 10 cosmetic items that most players should have in their inventory, but it can’t be obtained anymore. This axe was the default harvesting tool for Fortnite Chapter 1, but it was redesigned at the start of Chapter 2. It was put in the Item Shop from November 4, 2020, until January 15, 2021. Players could claim it for free before it disappeared forever.

Lil Kev Back Bling

lil kev back bling fortnite
For those who played during Chapter 1, a number of the seasons’ storylines revolved around a giant cube that players nicknamed Kevin. In honor of this nickname, Fortnite released a set of challenges called the Lil’ Kev Challenges. If all of them were completed, players would earn the Lil’ Kev Back Bling. It featured a cube-shaped rock design with googly eyes attached.

The Scientist & The Visitor

The Visitor Scientist Fortnite skin
While technically these skins couldn’t be obtained without the Battle Pass, they weren’t a part of the Battle Pass tiers. Both The Visitor and The Scientist were unlocked through completing difficult sets of challenges. The Visitor was unlocked during Season 4 and The Scientist was unlocked during Season X. These skins are also a part of The Seven, a mysterious group that Agent Jonesy has mentioned several times.

Millennium Flacon Glider

millennium falcon glider fortnite
Unlike the X-Wing glider that was given to all players who logged in during a certain time window, the Millennium Flacon Glider is a Star Wars cosmetic that players had to open during the 2019 Winterfest. The Winterfest gave players a lot of exclusive cosmetics, but the Millennium Falcon Glider was one of the best rewards. It depicts one of the franchise’s most iconic ships, and it could only be obtained by Winterfest 2019 participants.

Lt. Evergreen Skin

Lt evergreen fortnite skin
Lt. Evergreen is another cosmetic given to players during Winterfest 2019. It makes it on this list because of its utility during the Holiday season. This skin allows players to blend into the decorated foliage during the winter months. Unlike other camouflaged cosmetics, this skin can’t be purchased and those who played in 2019 have it.

Astroworld Cyclone Glider

Astroworld cyclone fortnite
Rarer than the elusive Travis Scott skins, the Astroworld Cyclone glider was given to players who attended the Astronomical event. While anyone could purchase the Travis Scott skins, only concert attendees got his glider. It was the third surfing glider to be released and the only exclusive glider of its kind at the time. Travis Scott may return to the Item Shop in the future, but players will never be able to complete the full cosmetic set without this glider.

Avengers Quinjet Glider

Avengers quinjet glider
Long before the Marvel-themed Season, there was the Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame event. During this event, players could complete a set of challenges to unlock the Avengers Quinjet Glider. This is an exciting glider to have for Marvel fans, and even more so seeing as it can’t be obtained anymore.

Tart Tycoon Skin

Tart Tycoon Fortnite skin
The Tart Tycoon skin makes the top 10 cosmetic items list because of its historical significance. This skin was released exclusively through a tournament, and it was meant to mock Apple. This skin released during the start of the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit and was only given to those who participated in the #FreeFortnite Cup. It will never be made available again, especially since the court trial has come to a close.

Octane RL Back Bling

octane RL back bling fortnite
The Octane RL Back Bling is a very cool crossover with another Epic Games IP. To commemorate the first season of Rocket League under the ownership of Epic Games, both Fortnite and RL hosted the Llama-Rama event. Players could earn cosmetic rewards for both games, including the Octane RL Back Bling. Rocket League has since hosted a second Llama-Rama event, but the cosmetics aren’t nearly as cool as the inaugural event.



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