Elona Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

Elona Mobile, a recently released game by LTGames Global is a roguelike open-world adventure RPG game derived from its PC version. It’s both intriguing, odd storyline, relaxing background music, even weirder NPCs and complex overall system are what makes this game truly worth playing. As an adventurer, it is you who decides what role you play in the world, just as you decide your own fate and find a reason for being chosen by the gods. Finding your way in the grand world of Elona can be quite difficult due to the many options and ways to choose from, which is why we’ve put together a simple guide that will explain what first steps to take and so on in Elona Mobile.

Elona Mobile: Guide to Class and Race choice

The game starts with the immediate selecting your class and race instead of with an introduction. However, you will soon find this is the way developers have chosen to execute their game, and so the instead of now, the story will continue afterwards.
Elona Mobile classes and races
Selecting your class and race requires some thought and patience, just as you’ll need to have to get in the pace of the game. They can be changed later on, but for starters, you should choose a class and race that’s will suit your playstyle. The chosen class and race combine their potential, skill and attributes together. Selecting any of the difficult classes is up to you, but be aware that it’ll be a bit rougher on you depending on what flaw the difficult class or race has.

Elona Mobile: Guide to Player Journey


You find yourself stranded on strange land after the boat you boarded succumbed to shipwreck in a heavy storm. It turns out you were escaping Etherwind, strange weather that causes mutations to form. This land is where you will start your adventure, deciding for yourself on what you wish to achieve and become.

Beggar Cave (Home)

Elona Mobile Guide
Elona Mobile begger cave
It may be because of the complexity, but the game does provide some guidelines on what to do as such it’s better to carefully read any found guideline for your own information, or you just might find yourself confused or stuck at some point. The cave you find yourself sheltering in is in fact your home of which the NPCs you will soon dispatch from as you progress later on. For starters, learn how to interact with the many controls at your disposal. They may be difficult to understand at first, but you’ll pick it up soon enough. Also, before heading out using the green exit arrows, which are iconic to every location be sure to pick up anything you can find, because you’ll need all you can get for this next step of your journey.

North Tyris (World Map)

After finishing the home tutorial, you can begin to decide what you want to become in the World of Elona. It goes without saying that there are some basic mechanics to abide by, like always carrying a weapon, levelling up to increase your stats, honing your skills and so on (we’ll get into this soon enough.)
Elona mobile world map
Elona mobile world map
After exiting your home, the place you tread upon is the North Tyris, of which at the first time, you will be guided on to a location named Vernis, which is where you’re going to have to officially start from. The World Map can only be manually walked on and features a lot of locations of which you will have to traverse at some point. It is recommended to proceed with a level of caution when travelling the lands of North Tyris as it isn’t a too safe location to explore and can sometimes become of equal difficulty to a dungeon. This is due to the unique weather changes and both high-level bandit and monster ambushes that happen frequently, and can’t always be avoided.


Of all the towns or locations you will encounter, the mining town Vernis is the place to be for your everyday quests, items, resources and useful information. It is the closest town to your home providing you with the basic needs to get started or for restocking to traverse further on the world map.
Elona Mobile Guide
Elona Mobile
Vernis is one of the many locations yet to discover of which you will have to learn its layout, situation, NPCs and what they offer. For this part of the journey, it’s best to talk to the various NPC’s to learn more about them and what you could be doing around the location. From the get-go various quests become available. But for this part of the journey, we recommend following the main story and using red quest arrow as guidance. You will find that there are a lot of NPC’s in need of your aid and the quests they provide are quite easy and rewarding, but get harder depending on which NPC you talk to and how far you’ve come.


You can know an NPC is offering a quest by navigating the map on the top right of the screen and look out for exclamation marks on the left of two sorts. The red one means an NPC has a quest available, while the green indicates a quest can be turned in and completed by speaking to the NPC that it belongs to. Another way to know is the character’s waving of signs marked with the aforementioned exclamation marks, which have the same meaning.


Elona Mobile
Party in Elona Mobile
You can set up a team at the Bar or Home, those of which you choose can be taken on your journey and will assist you in combat and company. You’ll have to manually gear them up, but they level up on their own, just like you and increase their stats automatically. Should they die, then you can resurrect them using a Scroll of Resurrection, visiting your home and talking to your designated maid or talking to a Bartender. It’s better to stick to quests for now and train both you and their skills to a great extent before continuing on your further journey.

Further journey

Whatever class, race or choice you chose, you will have to level up and get stronger to keep high-level monsters at bay. This is the part where we will give out some tips and tricks on what you can do next and how to get better from here.

Elona Mobile Guide: Tips to remember for Beginners

Complete jobs

If you’re low on gold some NPC’s can give out jobs that reward some of this along with some equipment or resources to keep. Talking to an NPC About Jobs will send you to another room with monsters to defeat of which all the loot they drop is yours for the keeps.

Complete side quests

Elona Mobile
Elona Mobile
Following the main story quest will help you get far and understand what exactly is going on in the game. But if you want to grind to get a lot stronger then completing side quests is recommended. Sidequest can be acquired by speaking to NPCs that require help (they will wave “!” signs) or town Notice Board and are always completed by returning the favour asked by them. Some quest will also give you different karma changes which depend on what type of quest you took or what choice you made. Multiple side-quests can be selected and completed at a time, so don’t be afraid you’ll have more load to carry. Even when not selected at the quest bar (extend it to view more), they can still be completed by returning to their designated NPC with whatever favour they asked of you.

Complete Nefia dungeons

Elona Mobile Guide
Elona Mobile
The best way to get Experience, Gold, Equipment and levelling up your skills at the same time is by taking Nefia dungeons with strong monsters. You’ll also earn some fame on the side which increases your reputation in the town. This isn’t as much required, but a great trait anyhow. Completing dungeons also gives Nefia Points used for upgrading you or allies’ Nefia Covenant which in turns buffs you even more!

Remember some NPCs

At some times there is no guidance on how to complete the NPC quests other than which location it belongs to on the left of its description. In this case, it’s better to draw out the map on the right and see which NPC’s are standing. Do it by tapping on their names (or point) and following the line to where they are standing. Memorize this feature or even better: the names and faces, to complete a quest faster instead of going all around the map, figuring out who’s who.

Carry food all the time

Carrying food is very much needed, because you may have begun to notice a “Starving” status next to your profile. This indicates your satiety is quite low and HP, MP and SP recovery is slowed. Yes, eating at an inn will satisfy hunger by a bit, but if you’re going to travel a long distance, there you’d better find a stable food supply. There is the Inn that provides food at a cheap price; but if you’re low on cash or refreshes, then monsters can also drop meat, cooked using a cooking station of any sort or eaten raw. Remember that the bigger the party, the more food you want to carry so everyone is fighting in high spirits( and gaining more levels) Cooking stations like a Portable Cooking Tool, Pot or Bonfire can cook meat which in turn heightens satiety levels and increases your stats more than when eaten raw. Remember that even cooked food spoils over time. So, a refrigerator, cooler or anything to keep the food longer is highly recommended. To note that food spoils even if you leave the game.

Sleep well

Getting tired is part of the journey, but when sleepy always have in your inventory a high-quality Mattress, Sleeping Bag or bed nearby to lay down your head. You also have the option to with an ally which upgrades and increase both your and their skill potential. There exists a chance to dream, causing the occurrence of certain good events like the training of some skills, getting a luck buff and a potential increase or bad events like losing some gold and mutating out of the blue.

Stay out of Etherwind

Elona Mobile
Elona Mobile
Etherwind is strange weather where blue particles are seen moving upwards that hastens Ether Disease. It causes mutations to appear in you, some visible and some not. Either way, you’ll have to head to a shelter in any nearby town by talking to the Innkeeper, move back home and sleep the time out or use a (one time) Portable Shelter until it passes. Healers cannot cure Ether disease which means mutations caused by it can only be cured by a Potion of Cure Ether Disease or Potion of Cure Corruption, but be aware these also remove “good” mutations. Some equipment (or race like Elea) may also slow Ether disease from spreading, but this does not mean you’re less likely to mutate.

Upgrade your skills

Skills are obtained by finding a Trainer in some locations like Vernis and asking him to Learn Skill which requires Platinum Coins(gained through completing quests, jobs, dungeons, etc). Train Skill upgrades your skill potential while using skills gives Special Training skill points to further upgrade that skill’s level. Depending on your class, some skills may differ in strength and requirements to use.

Learn some Magic skills

Elona Mobile Guide
Elona Mobile magic skills
Each class and race has their own magic or physical related skills of which more can be learned by reading skill books. Learning a new skill means you’ll need to invest a lot of time upgrading your Literacy skill and try a bunch of times before it gets added to your list of Magic skills. Each skill has its own cast requirements and differs in ways of improvement so be sure to check out their description.

Make use of Quick use buttons

Lastly to be mentioned are quick use buttons that save you the hassle of going into the inventory to switch between weapons, eat food, cast magic, throw and drink potions. They are at your immediate disposal located on the right of the inventory, each serving a different function indicated by their icons so try them out when you can.

Elona Mobile Beginners Guide: Miscellaneous Info

Adventure life

Adventure Life is a great way to view what your future goal in the world of Elona could be and earn rewards for each milestone. Take notice of where each of the banners needs to be obtained to complete them, but don’t forget to get stronger before heading out to complete the harder ones.


You can keep track of achievements at the town Achievement Board, and claim valuable rewards for each challenge completed.


Elona Mobile Guide
Elona Mobile
The game also features a Gacha system at which you can draw allies or equipment of both high and low rarity. One Gacha Machine that draws allies can be selected on the Phone icon at the right side of the screen and takes Girl Coin or Diamond as currency. The odds of pulls can be displayed by tapping Odds Overview of which Special is the highest of rarity and most difficult to obtained. Equipment-related Gacha Machines can be found in Port Kapul, Cyber Dome and Palmia and require different tokens (Purple, Blue, Yellow) for pulling.


Always be on the lookout for Events (and rewarding Mail) to gain event rewards useful for a lot of things. Events can be found by tapping the Girl at the top right of the screen and selecting the trumpet icon.


Elona Mobile
Elona Mobile
There are a total of 3 world guilds, each with different enlisting requirements of which when shown worthy, various perks and earn rewards become available. There is the Fighter’s guild in Port Kapul, Mages’ Guild in Lumiest and Thief guild in Derpy. The more you contribute to the guild, the more it grows and the better the buffs you and your allies receive

Final Thoughts

That’s all for our Elona Mobile Guide for Beginners. It’s only after you grind that you can decide on what you want to become and shape the game to what you want it to be. After you come to understand the game, you’ll notice there isn’t a single challenge too impossible to defeat and limit things to do in Elona Mobile. So, to conclude this Elona Mobile Guide, way suggest you players live your own life and become a legend in the game!
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Elona Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips



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