Ecovacs Deebot T9: test, specs, prices, release

Ecovacs Deebot T9 on the carpet on the move © Ecovacs, COMPUTERBILD

The new Ecovacs wants to navigate better, avoid obstacles, wipe with a damp cloth – and now also freshen the air. The test shows what all this is good for.

The best vacuum and floor mopping robot from Ecovacs will also come in 2021. What the T9 does well, the predecessor T8 was able to do too. Scented capsules for air freshening and a new app with a 3D map are nice ideas, but not a revolution. And watch out, Ecovacs! The lead over the strong competition is shrinking: They navigate similarly confidently and quickly through the rooms, collect a lot of dirt, also shine with a powerful wiping function – and are often cheaper.


  • Sucks very thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Recognizes many obstacles and carpets
  • Good wiping function


  • Sometimes a bit loud
  • Long loading times

Test rating from the editors


A.The Chinese manufacturer Ecovacs wants to inspire pure smart home fans again this year. That worked very well in 2020: In the large COMPUTER BILD comparison of smart vacuum robots, the Deebot Ozmo T8 Aivi took the test victory. This year there are some improvements to details and a few nice extras to ensure that the room air is fragrant. Can Ecovacs also be the top vacuum cleaner of the year in 2021 with the new Deebot T9? This test clarifies that.

The best robot vacuum cleaners

  • Sucks very thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Detects obstacles and carpets
  • Good wiping function
S6 MaxV
  • Sucks thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Reliably detects obstacles
  • HEPA filter for allergy sufferers
  • Quite loud when vacuuming
  • Wipes a little carelessly
  • Long loading times
360 Eye
  • Very easy control via app
  • Hardly any particulate matter emissions
  • Good on carpet
  • Very thorough on hard floors
  • Continues cleaning after loading
  • Loud volume
  • High price
360 heurist
  • Strong brush, high suction power
  • Camera with LED lighting
  • Robust chain drive
  • High price
  • Navigation not very smart
  • No side brushes for corners and edges
Complete list: the best robot vacuum cleaners

Fresh ideas: This is new at Ecovacs

Laser navigation for precisely measuring and navigating the rooms plus app control including a virtual map and many cleaning settings are now standard equipment in the upscale price range. And obstacle detection, which is gentle on furniture and table legs, or a wiping mode that scrubs the floor vigorously, no longer attract technology fans from behind the stove. In order to continue to outrun strong competitors like the Roborock S7, Ecovacs has packed these innovations in its top vacuum cleaner:
  • TrueMapping 2.0: In the “observation tower” on top of the device, there is a further developed laser navigation system that measures the apartment even more precisely, records furniture, door thresholds, etc. even better and does not want to leave anything out when cleaning. But there wasn’t much to complain about with the T8 either. As always, fall sensors are installed so that the vacuum cleaner does not tumble on the stairs to the ground floor.
  • TrueDetect 3D 2.0: This technology wants to recognize obstacles even better and thus confidently prevent collisions with floor vases, furniture and the like. In fact, the T9 timidly and patiently worked through every corner or table leg in the test and rarely offended. The T9 did not always recognize smaller objects lying around because it lacks camera-based object recognition. With the “Aivi” version of the T8, she filmed the cleaning trip “with foresight” and saved many a sock or cell phone cord.
  • More suction on the go: Ecovacs claims to have doubled the suction power of the T9. Nothing of this was noticeable in everyday life, because the T8 already left hardly any dirt and tickled a lot out of the carpet. The T9 lasts a long time (up to 2.5 hours) until it drives back to the charging station on its own. A six-hour break from cleaning is then required to recharge the empty battery.
  • Ozmo Pro 2.0: The highlight of the T8 was the successful wiping mode. A water tank with a water pump and vibrating plate is attached to the rear of the vacuum cleaner. During use, the plate vibrates strongly and swings the attached mopping mat back and forth with jerks. This scrubbing function has been updated on the T9 and now wants to clean even more persistently and at the same time more quietly.
  • New app views: Ecovacs has redesigned the smartphone app. It now looks tidier and more modern. The cleaning trips can be tracked, cleaning plans can be set or rooms and restricted areas can be entered in the floor plan. Furniture can now even be placed on a new 3D map – nice gimmick, nothing more. Remote access while out and about or via voice control makes more sense to send the vacuum cleaner off on demand with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.
  • The rolling room spray: The T9 not only declares war on dirt, but also on musty household smells. There is also an air freshener in the device, which blows subtle scents into the air when it is sucked. A nice idea that won’t revolutionize smart vacuuming. A fragrance capsule for 60 hours of wellbeing is included. It is not yet known what replenishment costs.

In the endurance test: the T9 sucks so thoroughly

After a few trial rounds to get to know the premises, the T9 had to repeatedly prove its cleaning talent. The prey: 100 grams of dirt, a mixture of cat litter, muesli and wood shavings. Remarkable: The vacuum cleaner collected almost 96 grams on the carpet and laminate floor. So far, no other vacuum robot that our testers sent has vacuumed so thoroughly. Not only on the surfaces, but also around table legs, hardly anything remained. On top of that, the smart helper conscientiously took care of the edges and corners of the rooms. The T9 collected 15 out of 20 corn kernels – a good performance! Practical: Depending on the surface, the robot automatically adjusts the suction power – more powerful on deep carpeting, more restrained on the smooth surface.

Good mop: he scrubs the floor!

Just like with the T8, the “Ozmo” wiping ensured better cleaning results in the test than with other vacuum cleaners, which only pulled the wiping brush along carelessly and with little pressure. Nevertheless: The T9 could not remove particularly nasty and dried-on stains either. It usually didn’t help to increase the amount of water to be dispensed in the app or to run each lane twice. Ecovacs has made the water tank smaller. He only swallows a meager 180 milliliters, so frequent refueling is the order of the day. Good: Thanks to automatic carpet detection, the expensive flokati is not suddenly under water when you wipe it, but stays nice and dry.

Conclusion and price: The T9 can and costs that

The best vacuum and floor mopping robot from Ecovacs will also come in 2021. What the Deebot T9 does well, but the predecessor could too. Scented capsules for air freshening and a new app with a 3D map are nice ideas, but not a revolution. And watch out, Ecovacs! The lead over the strong competition is shrinking: the Roborock S7 is cheaper to buy, navigates equally confidently and quickly through rooms, collects a lot of dirt and also shines with a powerful wiping function.
The Ecovacs Deebot T9 is available from April 10, 2021 and costs 699 euros. If you have to vacuum up a lot of dirt and don’t want to constantly empty the dust box yourself, you can use the T9 +. It is available for 899 euros and comes with a suction station that automatically transports the collected dirt into a 2.5-liter dust bag hung there after every cleaning trip.



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