Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool: Humidification does not work

Air filter of the Dyson air purifier © Dyson

This is how the air cleaning of the Dyson Pure Humidfy + Cool works.

L.Air purifiers can filter viruses and, in many cases, pollutants from the room air. Some models can do even more, so the Pure Humidify + Cool model from Dyson also offers a fan and the option of air humidification. In his fight against dry indoor air, this was the decisive reason for buying COMPUTER BILD reader Heinz P.
But the joy of the new Dyson only lasted for a short time, because the desired humidification value was no longer achieved after just a few days. After eight days, the function finally failed completely. Heinz P. then turned to Dyson to report the deficiency. As a result, he sent the device in for repair and received a replacement device from the manufacturer because, according to Dyson, it was not possible to repair it. But the second device also failed after a few days with the same error. Because the problem also occurred with a friend, P. researched the Internet and came across other cases. The customer therefore pointed out to Dyson that the problem apparently existed in general. But instead of going into it, Heinz P. was only offered another replacement device. So the disappointed customer turned to COMPUTER BILD.

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Dyson denies

At the request of the editors, Dyson confirmed that there was a device fault: In individual cases it has happened that Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool devices incorrectly recognized the water tank as empty and therefore did not perform any humidification. This error occurs due to water entering the water tank lid when filling or cleaning the device. Dyson has updated its cleaning instructions, user guides, and packaging to help owners understand how to properly maintain and clean their equipment. The company also wants to replace the defective devices at Heinz P. The fault also occurred on the third device, so hope rests on device number four. Otherwise P. will get his money back.

Seller’s duty

The editors asked Lawyer Thomas Hollweckhow customers can best proceed in such cases. The lawyer emphasizes that the seller is the first point of contact in the event of problems with a device and not the manufacturer. Since Dyson did not complain about this in the present case and sent a replacement device, it does not matter here, especially since Dyson has thus assumed the obligations from the statutory warranty Thomas Hollweck. In addition, one would only have to accept two attempts at repair. Thereafter, the customer has the right to either withdraw from the purchase contract or to request a price reduction.



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