Development environment: Qt Creator 5.0 enables interaction with Docker

The Qt Company has released the Qt Creator 5.0 development environment. The IDE, which is primarily tailored to C ++ development and optimized for interaction with the Qt framework, has two innovations that are characterized as experimental: On the one hand, it can create applications in Docker containers and, on the other hand, Clangd can be used as a backend for C and use C ++ applications. At the same time, the release heralds the switch to Semantic Versioning (SemVer) announced as part of the roadmap for 2021. After the 4-series of the development environment ran for five years, the move to the next major version is already on the plan for the end of this year. Qt Creator 5 is designed to work with Qt 6.2, which is due to appear at the end of September and is currently available as a beta. The connection to Docker is “very experimental” according to the Qt blog and currently only works on Linux hosts with CMake as the build system. So that the IDE can create and run applications in Docker containers, the experimental plug-in under Help | About plugins to activate. A Docker device can then be created in the device settings and then saved as a Device and Build device choose. The second experimental innovation concerns the code support, which Clangd will take over as Language Server in the medium term in conjunction with the Language Server Protocol (LSP) and thus replace the previous liblclang-based approach. Qt Creator 5.0 offers a first implementation, which is, however, not yet fully implemented. So far, there is no autocomplete, and some functions require a development build from Clangd. If you want to try out Clangd as a language server, you first have to Use Clangd under Tools | Options | C ++ | Clangd activate. The release also brings some corrections to the C ++ code model and additions for working with QML (Qt Modeling Language). The list of innovations can be can be found on the Qt blog. The open source variant can be found in the Qt download portal, and commercial customers can access the latest version on their account page. See also:
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