Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021: Could RTX 30-series be in stock?

Cyber Monday GPU deals are likely to be a more sober affair than what could be available with Black Friday graphics card deals. If you’re after the best prices of the year on the best graphics cards on the market, we honestly wouldn’t recommend waiting until Monday to consider upgrading your rig, as little is likely to surface after the weekend – if anything even shows up at all.  That’s not to say that Cyber Monday GPU deals are a complete lost cause, but given the current shortages on all major video card models that we’ve seen this year, it’s highly unlikely that anything good is going to appear. If RTX 30-series restocks were to show up over this sales period, it’s almost guaranteed that this would be over the Friday instead. Because of the extensive hardware drought that we’re all currently experiencing, we recommend turning your attention towards Cyber Monday gaming PC deals to save some serious money on the best gaming PCs, as these machines are far more likely to carry the most in-demand GPUs that, in some cases, can rival the current going rates for RTX 3060 price, RTX 3070 price, and RTX 3080 price from major online retailers. 

Cyber Monday GPU deals

(Image credit: Nvidia)

When will Cyber Monday GPU deals start?

Cyber Monday is happening on November 29 this year. It’s currently not been announced by any of the graphics card manufacturers whether or not restocks on must-have GPUs will be available ahead of this date, but we will keep this page updated as soon as we know what’s happening from all the major players (MSI, Gigabyte, Palit, etc.). 

Where will the best Cyber Monday GPU deals be?

As touched upon above, we’re not yet sure as to who will have those fabled graphics cards in stock, or which companies will roll out a fresh supply in time. However, should RTX-30 series or Radeon RX 6000 cards show up anywhere, it’s most likely to be at one of these online retailers first and foremost on Cyber Monday.  USA: Amazon: What limited RTX-30 stock is available is for an average going rate Best Buy: Focusing primarily on budget, mid-tier, and previous-gen GPUs Newegg: Fairly standard prices on RTX-30 series and Radeon GPUs Walmart: Offering a limited supply focusing on older graphics cards UK: Amazon: Fair prices on RTX 20-series and older GPU models eBuyer: Some of the fairest prices we’ve seen on the newest graphics cards Currys: Decent prices on the Radeon RX 6000 cards and high-end RTX GPUs CCL Computers: Some of the better prices on RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080s

Cyber Monday GPU deals

(Image credit: AMD)

Cyber Monday GPU deals: what to expect

There are no guarantees, but it’s highly unlikely that the RTX 30-series will make an appearance on Cyber Monday for standard price, let alone be discounted. Last year, there were hardly any noteworthy GPU deals to speak of aside from minor savings on entry-level video cards from reliable retailers.  Due to the ongoing component shortages, RTX 20-series GPUs have very much retained their value several years after release. In last year’s Cyber Monday GPU deals, the kinds of deals we were seeing were the RTX 2060 for $340, down from $350 at Adorama. It isn’t exactly the best outlook, but, given that the RTX 30-series has been ‘available’ for a year now, there’s the potential that previous generation RTX cards and the more entry-level GTX range could be cheaper than last year. 

Cyber Monday GPU deals: retailer restocks 




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