Common Reasons Why CBD Products Do not Work

Is CBD not working for you? Was this all hype about the miraculous properties of CBD just a scam? We’ve got you covered if you recently started using CBD products for any given purpose, and it just seems useless for you. This write-up comprehensively explains the major reasons CBD might not be working or seems so.

Comparing CBD to other prescribed medications and expecting similar immediate results is just like living in a fool’s paradise. Undue Expectations will get you nothing but disappointment and a feeling that CBD is a waste. Instead, you need to understand the process of pinpointing things to get the required results.

CBD is not a one-size-fits-all kind of remedy. CBD products vary widely fromsublingual CBD oil to tinctures, gummies, and so on. So you need to understand that if one dosage or one type of CBD oil doesn’t work for you, it’s not because it doesn’t work at all, but because probably it’s not your right fit. In addition, individuals’ experiences with CBD oil may differ due to their different tolerance levels.

Before giving up on CBD, consider the following factors!

  1. Are You Trusting The Right CBD Brand?

When a market grows, black sheep make their way to it too. Many CBD products from different brands do not contain the claimed amount of CBD. It shows how various investors are trying to make money through scams and fraud.  If your product isn’t working, consider the reliability of your brand too. And if you’re looking for some new products, make sure to verify the brand’s reputation. Check the reviews, and also figure out if the brand has a legal license. Buying products that are tested by a third party is an even better idea.

2. Are You Keeping A Journal

It’s believed that finding the right CBD dosage for yourself is not a science but an art. Most likely, you are not monitoring the effects of CBD on your body. You may take the lowest dose pills, start with micro doses and gradually until you finally find the exact amount of dose you need to take. It might get a bit confusing to manage as a beginner. So try keeping a journal. Sketch everything out, including when you started, noting down your everyday dosage. Make sure to write down the effect you feel in your body.

3. Are You Putting In Enough Patience?

If you just took a dose of CBD oil under the tongue and expected an immediate relief within 15 minutes, you’re destined to end up disappointed because this is not how CBD works. As your body gets a regular dose of Cannabinoids for some time, your cannabinoid receptors are stimulated, and your endocannabinoid system is also affected. Simultaneously several healing processes start to occur in your body to get your desired results. So try showing some patience and wait for it to work while being consistent with the doses.


Make sure to consider all the reasons mentioned above that probably end you up wondering that pills, oils, and other products are just useless. You have to understand how CBD works. Try staying patient and narrow down products and doses that work best for you through the trial and error method.



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