Discover the Latest News About Why Hong Kong Ban CBD, Louisiana CBD Regulators Struggle, and New Scottsboro CBD and Wellness Offerings

In today’s CBD health news, learn more about what you need to know about the CBD product prohibition in Hong Kong despite the growing number of CBD businesses popping up over the past few years. Meanwhile, Louisiana’s hemp sector, with CBD outlets on every corner, has overtaken regulators in manufacturing legal goods with high THC levels. Lastly, Bradford Wellness Co. is a new CBD dispensary in Scottsboro, Alabama that sells premium CBD products and gives information on CBD’s health benefits.

Hong Kong’s CBD Ban: Why?

Original Source: Why did Hong Kong criminalize CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana. Both plants are in the Cannabis sativa family, although they have different cannabinoid profiles. CBD comes from industrial hemp, while marijuana is banned due to its high THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive. CBD may relieve tension, anxiety, and chronic pain, according to limited research and anecdotes. It may also help sleep difficulties, according to certain research.

Despite CBD’s global popularity, scientists debate its health advantages and hazards. Due to changing rules, CBD products and the cannabis sector have grown rapidly. According to Vantage Market Research, the worldwide CBD market reached $48 billion in February 2022.

Why is Hong Kong modifying CBD policies?

According to CNN, “cannabidiol was thriving in Hong Kong” two years ago, and local business owners were “keen to join an intriguing new market already well-established in countries across the world.” When the city criminalized it, that stopped. On Feb. 1, CBD was classified as a “dangerous substance.” Time magazine states that Hong Kong lawmakers banned the narcotic in June, joining heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. CNN reports that the new law punishes CBD possession and consumption with seven years in prison and a fine of up to 1 million Hong Kong dollars ($127,607 USD). Making, importing, or exporting CBD is a life sentence. “Buying these things or bringing them back to Hong Kong” could result in penalties, according to the authorities.

The government’s narcotics officials worry about CBD products’ THC content. According to Time, local officials also claim that CBD’s health advantages are unproven. In response to Legislative Council concerns, Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung said that law enforcement found over 3,800 THC-containing items in 120 “operations.” CBD products should be subject to the government’s rigorous cannabis restrictions, he recommended.

According to CNN, he added, “We have adopted ‘zero tolerance’ for narcotics and we understand that it is an issue of public concern.” “Hence, CBD regulation by the government.”

Hong Kong is adopting stricter drug laws from neighboring countries. CBD usage by Singaporean citizens or permanent residents is prohibited domestically and overseas. According to Time, China made CBD illegal in 2022 despite being one of the major hemp cultivators.

What’s happening to local businesses?

Some local CBD firms have closed, while others have phased out their products. In preparation for the ban, Yardley Brothers Craft Brewery sold all their remaining CBD beers last year. Luke Yardley, founder, told CNN, “It’s a shame because there’s a squandered opportunity for sure.” Found, Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe, closed at the end of September 2022 due to the ban.

“Sadly, in spite of the demonstrated good impact, it has now become apparent that the Hong Kong government intends to implement new legislation to restrict the sale and possession of CBD,” Found stated on Instagram, thanking its customers.

By November 2022, Med Chef, Hong Kong’s “first comprehensive menu of CBD-infused cocktails, snacks, and entrees,” closed. “Farewell,” read the restaurant’s post “It’s disappointing that things didn’t work out. Under the current administration’s policy, we can’t continue with everyone.”

Louisiana’s CBD Sector Struggles, but Hemp is Allowed to Get High on

Original Source: It’s legal to get high on hemp as Louisiana regulators struggle with CBD industry

Louisiana’s booming hemp economy, with CBD businesses on every corner, has surpassed regulators in developing legal goods with high THC levels.

Though hemp’s THC levels are far lower than marijuana’s, retailers have created goods like edible gummies and chocolate bars that contain multiple servings of the 8-milligram limit.

THC is the high-producing substance. According to Leafly, a 5-milligram dose “when a high begins to develop in for many novice or inconsistent consumers.”

The Louisiana Department of Health approved vape pens even though state law prohibits CDB retailers from selling hemp goods for inhalation.

Last week, the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee conducted an oversight hearing for agency officials to explain why vape pens should be removed from the department’s approved products list.

The health department’s chief attorney, Stephen Russo, testified that the agency “inadvertently” altered language limiting “dosage vehicles” to exclude vape pens.

Instead of product images, the agency reviews product labels. The vape pens’ labels included “not for inhaling,” according to Russo.

Russo acknowledged that committee members thought the reasoning absurd.

“So if you put a label on a car that stated ‘not for driving’ and someone drives it (he can do it)?” Rep. Michael Echols of Monroe, a Republican.

“It’s illogical,” Russo said.

Republican Kenner Rep. Joe Stagni stated, “I still do not understand how it was forbidden for inhaling by some kind of manner vape pens crawled in.” “Business will always outwit regulators to make a profit.”

“It sounds stupid,” Russo added. “No way. We got into trouble with vape pens because we removed the dose vehicles (language).”

Russo further noted that typical products like soft drinks have many servings in a bottle but display nutritional elements as a single serving. Retailers likewise do this.

According to a Louisiana Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms officer, some dealers were piling three chocolate bars, each with 8 milligrams of THC, into one package “and selling them as if you really want to get high bust these three and basically you get 24 milligrams.”

The health department’s sanitarian services director, Mike Vidrine, said the government hasn’t kept up with shops’ innovative product development.

Vidrine said, “We want these products to be potent.” “In the first round, industry appeared to have circumvented us. Industry sometimes skirts our rules.”

Russo said two full-time personnel evaluate labels and two more are in training.

Republican House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, who since 2019 has drafted the four main hemp measures, was plainly frustrated.

Monroe, Louisiana’s CBD/hemp store sign on February 6, 2023.

Schexnayder, who said Louisiana has more than 3,000 CBD retailers, said the agency hasn’t hired enough people to properly supervise the expanding industry despite legislative funding.

He said, “Vape isn’t the only item above the limit.”

However, lawmakers were concerned about business owners who must adapt to continual regulatory changes.

Travis Johnson, a Democratic Vidalia senator, said, “I don’t want people going around high, but you can’t constantly changing (the restrictions); it’s not good for business.”

Echols advised, “Respect our enterprises.” “Fairness is essential.”

Schexnayder persuaded the committee to delay emergency rule changes for at least three weeks until agency officials present new proposals to House Health.

Scottsboro Cannabis Dispensary Adds CBD and Wellness Products

Original Source: New CBD and Wellness Offerings at Cannabis Dispensary in Scottsboro, Alabama

Bradford Wellness Co. offers innovative CBD products including Sleep Support Gummies, Delta-8 Softgels, CBD for Energy and Focus, Relax Bath Bombs, Essential oils with CBD, and Pain Relief CBD Topical items.

Bradford Wellness Co. provides excellent CBD products and information to Scottsboro, Alabama. Delta-8 Softgels, Sleep Support Gummies, CBD for Energy and Focus, Relax Bath Bombs, Essential oils with CBD, and Pain Relief CBD Topical items are available. These items address specific demands or ailments that clients may have when using natural hemp extracts.

Sleep Support Gummies are a unique blend of botanicals including melatonin and chamomile with CBD to encourage healthy sleep patterns. Delta-8 Softgels offer a variety of therapeutic benefits without the euphoric effects of other cannabis medications due to their low THC content. Their Energy & Focus tincture increases energy and mental clarity to help you stay productive throughout the day.

Bradford Wellness Co.’s Relax Bath Bombs use lavender and bergamot essential oils with hemp-derived CBD isolate to relax in a warm bath or shower. They also provide CBD-infused essential oil mixes to relieve aching muscles, reduce inflammation, and manage stress and anxiety.

Finally, their CBD Pain Relief Topicals contain menthol, camphor, and aloe vera for localized relief and increased blood flow and tissue healing.

Bradford Wellness Co.’s natural hemp-derived products can treat a range of aches, pains, and ailments and can be taken in candies, softgels, tinctures, and more!

“Cannabidiol [or CBD] is the most misunderstood substance on earth,” according to one source. Bradford Wellness Co. is educating people about CBD to change that. Customers should be able to make health decisions based on information.

Bradford Wellness Co., a Scottsboro, Alabama CBD dispensary. They have a physical and online store. They send CBD nationwide, not just to Scottsboro, Alabama.

Summary of Today’s CBD Health News

Overall, CBD was declared a “dangerous drug” on Feb. 1 in Hong Kong. The local government disputes the claimed health benefits of CBD. Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung emailed the Legislative Council to say that 3,790 THC-tainted products were recovered during 120 separate “operations.” He advocated for CBD to be subject to the same tight government regulations as cannabis.

On the other hand, the rapid growth of the hemp sector in Louisiana, with CBD shops sprouting up on every corner, has outstripped the ability of state officials to prevent the sale of legal products containing sufficient levels of THC to cause intoxication. Although hemp has significantly lower THC levels than its cannabis relative marijuana, manufacturers have created products that pack more than the legal limit of 8 milligrams of THC per serving, such as edible candies or chocolate bars.

Finally, in Scottsboro, Alabama, you can visit the brand-new CBD dispensary Bradford Wellness Co. to purchase high-quality CBD products and learn more about the many advantages CBD offers. They have a variety of interesting CBD items, such as Sleep Support Gummies, Delta-8 Softgels, CBD for Energy and Focus, Relax Bath Bombs, CBD Essential Oils, and CBD Topical Products for Pain.



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