AVM FritzBox 7530: test, price, comparison with 7590 and 7530 AX

The AVM FritzBox 7530 has many great functions of the FritzOS operating system, but the WLAN performance is more than sufficient for small households. If you want to connect several end devices at the same time or if you have a computer with a high-performance network card and many antennas, it is better to use the FritzBox 7590 – it has significantly more WLAN power than the 7530 and more connections for telephones and USB devices. (Due to the change in the test procedure for wireless routers, the test grade has changed. Grade according to the old test procedure: 2.4.)


  • Many functions (including mesh)
  • Easy handling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Mastered supervectoring


  • Few connections
  • Mediocre WiFi speed
GCompared to older FritzBoxes, the inexpensive FritzBox 7530 has a clear advantage: Like the significantly more expensive top model AVM FritzBox 7590, the 7530 is also used on DSL connections with 35b supervectoring. Up to 300 megabits per second (Mbps) are possible here. In the Telecom, Vodafone, 1 & 1 and O2 appropriate tariffs are available; the providers market them as VDSL 250 with up to 250 Mbps. For whom is the FritzBox 7530 suitable – and for whom is it not? And what does the new firmware version FritzOS 7.25 bring? The router’s test has the answers.

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AVM FritzBox 7530 in the test: WLAN speed

The AVM FritzBox 7530 transmits with 2×2 antenna configuration in the 5 gigahertz band (ac standard) theoretically with up to 866 Mbps – and in the 2.4 gigahertz band (n standard) with up to 400 Mbps. Thanks to multi-user MIMO, the box supplies up to three suitable end devices with data at the same time. It uses band steering to always move devices to the currently fastest frequency band. The WiFi Mesh Steering function connects end devices with the strongest signal router, repeater or WiFi powerline adapter from AVM (from FritzOS 7.10). COMPUTER BILD recorded the maximum WLAN speed in the test: the 7530 transmitted at up to 649 Mbps and received at up to 413 Mbps at 5 gigahertz, up to 288 Mbps for transmission at 2.4 gigahertz and up to 298 Mbps for reception – a mediocre result. This makes the router much slower than the top model 7590 (sending: 851 Mbps; receiving: 920 Mbps). The WLAN performance of the 7530 should be sufficient for small households.

Connections and power consumption

On the back there are four LAN ports with gigabit speed, a connection for an analog phone or fax and a USB 3.0 port for printer and storage media. The router serves as a DECT base and thus not only connects up to six cordless telephones, but also ULE smart home devices. A S0 ISDN connection is missing. The 7530 has one advantage over the more expensive models: the power consumption is extremely low at 4.5 watts. The 7590 swallowed 8.8 watts in the COMPUTER BILD test.
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Operation, functions, FritzOS 7.25

Handling the FritzBox 7530 is as easy as usual. Numerous wizards help with the setup, the menu is largely clear. In addition, there are many useful features such as great child safety and guest access. Good: The FritzBox 7530 has received the update to FritzOS 7.25 and thus new functions and improvements – such as these:
  • Easier device prioritization
  • Easier management of parental controls
  • Simplified configuration of telephony
  • Higher transmission quality to cellular remote sites with poor cellular connections
  • Revised phone book management
  • Detail improvements for Mesh WiFi
  • With FritzFon: start screen with weather information
  • With FritzDECT 440: switching of guest access and answering machine possible
  • With FritzDECT 440: measurement and display of air humidity
  • Data backup for internal storage
  • Fax journal
  • More stable internet connection
  • Support of the business telephony platform “CompanyFlex” (Deutsche Telekom)
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AVM FritzBox 7530: Comparison with FritzBox 7530 AX

AVM FritzBox 7530 in the test: price and availability

The AVM FritzBox 7530 is available in free trade from 123 euros (all prices as of March 12, 2021). It can also be rented from Vodafone for EUR 2.99 per month. The 7530 offers the best price-performance ratio of all current FritzBoxes.



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