Amazon Prime Video: Bundesliga no longer in Eurosport Player

For the time being, the Bundesliga will probably not be as cheap as it was in the 2020/21 season. If you didn’t want to buy a subscription to Sky or DAZN, you could watch the Friday, Monday and some Saturday games in Eurosport Player on Amazon Prime Video – sometimes at ridiculous prices of 99 cents a month or even just 1 cent a year. It will no longer work this way for the 2021/22 season. Background: In the past season, DAZN was allowed to show games thanks to a sub-license from Discovery, the Eurosport parent company. Now the streaming service owns the rights itself. At Amazon, the ball is no longer rolling, as the company confirms when asked.

Bundesliga at DAZN Friday and Sunday

Starting next season, DAZN will be showing the Friday and Sunday games of the 1st Bundesliga live and exclusively. This also includes the ten alternative games to relieve the European Cup participants. Since the Monday games were not well received by the fans, the games will now take place on Sundays at 7:30 p.m. Because DAZN now has almost the entire Champions League exclusively in its program in addition to the Bundesliga, the price for the service is increasing. From now on, a month of live sports costs 14.99 instead of 11.99 euros. The price of the annual subscription climbs accordingly from 119.99 to 149.99 euros. At least one month is free for new customers.
Stream Bundesliga and live sports at DAZN

And what is Amazon doing?

Amazon customers, on the other hand, only have the slight consolation that the DAZN app is also available for download on Fire TV devices. The situation is similar with the online rights for the radio. For the new season, it is no longer the mail order company, but the ARD. But Amazon cannot go completely without football, because the company has secured Champions League rights. The top game on Tuesday, two play-offs and eight games in the knockout phase are exclusively offered by Amazon – for Prime customers even at no extra charge.
Amazon Prime membership

2. Bundesliga in the starting blocks

There is also good news for football fans who don’t want to wait until the first kick-off in the Champions League. The 2nd Bundesliga starts the new season on July 23, 2021 – less than two weeks after the final of the European Championship on July 11. There is a lot of live sport here even without a subscription. The top game on Saturday evening is shown on free TV on Sport 1, the opening match between the relegated Schalke 04 and HSV can be seen on Sat 1. We have summarized all further information about the 2nd Bundesliga for you in this article.



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