Aldi tablet Medion LifeTab E10802: test, specs

The editor holds the Medion LifeTab E10802.  © COMPUTER BILD

He’s still laughing: The Medion LifeTab E10802 rarely shone in the test.

W.hen Aldi has Medion tablets on offer, the discounter likes to be generous. This is also the case with the Medion LifeTab E10802 (MD60364). The device will be available from Aldi Nord on February 15, 2021 for a cheap 229 euros. In addition to the device itself, there is a keyboard cover and a SIM card from ALDI Talk worth 10 euros in the box. That sounds like a good offer. Or does the discounter deal have a catch?

The best tablets

Medion saves on the case

Buyers have to make a few compromises. Other manufacturers pack the technology in aluminum in this price range, while Medion’s housing is made of plastic. That feels less classy, ​​but at least it’s well done. No luminary was involved in the design either, the screen comes with a thick frame. Visually, the LifeTab hardly differs from other Medion tablets. But it doesn’t matter: after all, narrow bezels do not make a good tablet.
Editor reads on the Medion LifeTab E10802.  © COMPUTER BILD

The Medion tablet is so semi-suitable for playing and working. After all, surfing works quite well.

Medion LifeTab without a rear camera

Much worse is that Medion has saved elsewhere. The LifeTab comes without a camera on the back. Now one can argue about whether a tablet with a 10-inch screen is really the right device for taking photos (isn’t it …), because at least in this price range, chic pictures are more the exception than the rule. But this disqualifies the device to a certain extent for use in the home office. After all, scanning documents doesn’t work without a camera.

The LifeTab is a comfortable surfer

But work is not the Medion LifeTab’s thing anyway. It does it rather leisurely because the built-in MediaTek MT8768 is not exactly one of the fastest mobile processors. The tablet brings very simple apps like Google Docs to the screen, but larger games can take longer to load. In addition, users should not try to play games like “Asphalt 9” with the highest graphics quality. The Medion punishes with stuttering. The performance is sufficient for small Sudoku and puzzle apps.

Little memory, long runtime

The LifeTab also struggles in other areas. The screen resolution of 1920×1200 pixels is okay for the price, but the brightness and colors are not convincing. The memory is a bit small at 64 gigabytes, but can at least be expanded by up to 1 terabyte using a microSD memory card. The battery life is really good: the Medion lasts for seven hours. Users spend it best reading and surfing the net.

Keyboard with small keys

The tablet is not only limited technically for work. The supplied keyboard does not always offer added value either. The keys are far too small to comfortably type longer texts such as student papers. At best, it is enough for a quick email.





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