Aldi garden: strong garden offers in the price check

Aldi garden offers: great bargains for hobby gardeners?  © Aldi,

Aldi garden offers: The right garden equipment is in the discounter’s range from time to time.

D.Outside, the first leaves on the trees are already turning, ringing in autumn. There is a lot for garden owners to do in this mostly stormy and rainy season. Tasks such as collecting leaves, pruning hedges and trees, and mowing the lawn are part of the agenda. Garden tools and accessories are not only available in hardware stores, but also at discount stores. At Aldi, for example, chainsaws & Co. are regularly on offer. From September 3, 2020, Aldi Nord will have garden tools in its branches again. COMPUTER BILD presents the current Aldi garden offers including alternatives (all prices – as of September 2, 2020).

Aldi garden tools: good to know

  • Aldi often includes garden tools from its own brands “Garden Feelings” (Aldi Nord), “Gardenline” (Aldi Süd) and “Ferrex” in its range.
  • Aldi Nord currently has leaf vacuums, chainsaws and shredders from Ferrex in stock in the branches.
  • When it comes to offers in the markets, it is always necessary to be quick, as availability is often limited.

Aldi: Ferrex leaf vacuum at the discounter

At the latest when the first leaves fall from the tree, many courageously reach for the rake. However, a leaf blower is much more convenient. Aldi Nord currently has a Ferrex device in its range for 38.79 euros. The garden tool blows, sucks and chops the leaves with an output of 3,000 watts. The speed can be regulated from 7,000 to 13,000 revolutions per minute. The Aldi leaf blower blows at a maximum of 240 kilometers per hour, which corresponds to a suction capacity of 650 cubic meters per hour. The collection bag with quick release catches up to 40 liters. On request, the device chops the colored leaves in a ratio of 10: 1. A rubberized handle, an additional handle, the guide rollers on the suction tube and an adjustable shoulder strap ensure comfort.

Electric chainsaw on offer at Aldi

A chainsaw is a good tool for sawing wood and cutting down trees. Aldi Nord is currently selling an electric chainsaw from Ferrex for 67.89 euros in its branches. The model delivers an output of 2,400 watts and cuts wood at 12 meters per second. The chain and sword are from Oregon. An overrun brake, kick-back brake and hand protection ensure work safety while sawing. The chain can be tensioned quickly without tools and is automatically oiled. The Aldi electric chainsaw comes with 200 milliliters of organic chain oil.

Aldi chopper: shred plant residues

Wherever there is sawing and cutting, clippings fall. The garden waste can be easily shredded with a shredder – such as the Ferrex electric quiet shredder for 115 euros from Aldi Nord. The model rolls small branches up to a diameter of 45 millimeters at 40 revolutions per minute. The direction of rotation can be switched manually on the device. The on / off switch has an undervoltage release that switches off the machine in the event of a voltage drop. The model also has a safety switch on the transparent 60 liter collecting box. The feet guarantee a safe stand when chopping. When the work is done, the Aldi chopper is quickly stowed in the shed thanks to the sturdy chassis with wheels and the handle on the large funnel. Aldi specifies the nominal power as 2,800 watts and the sound power level as around 92 decibels.

Alternative to the cordless hedge trimmer at Aldi

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