Zaco A10: test, specs, price, release

Zaco A10 in the living room © Zaco, COMPUTERBILD

Laser navigation and powerful wiping function: the Zaco A10 has smart cleaning skills that are otherwise only offered by more expensive vacuum robots.

Test conclusion

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The new Zaco A10 offers a decent cleaning experience at a fair price. In the test, he navigated quickly and accurately through the rooms – laser technology and app control included. It collected quite a bit of dirt and shone with a clever wiping function. Nevertheless, the top vacuum cleaners from the competition are a bit smarter: Ecovacs and Rockrock collect even more dirt and scrub the floor even harder.

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  • Sucks and wipes properly
  • Lots of functions
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Little stamina
  • No obstacle detection
  • Also wipes the carpet
S.marte vacuum robots come not only from the Far East, but also from tranquil Gelsenkirchen. This is where Robovox GmbH is based, which is responsible for selling the Zaco brand in Europe. After last year’s models in the A9 series, it is now the turn of the Zaco A10. For the first time on board: laser navigation and a vibrating wiper plate.

The best robot vacuum cleaners

  • Sucks very thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Detects obstacles and carpets
  • Good wiping function
S6 MaxV
  • Sucks thoroughly
  • Good navigation
  • Reliably detects obstacles
  • HEPA filter for allergy sufferers
  • Quite loud when vacuuming
  • Wipes a little carelessly
  • Long loading times
360 Eye
  • Very easy control via app
  • Hardly any particulate matter emissions
  • Good on carpet
  • Very thorough on hard floors
  • Continues cleaning after loading
  • Loud volume
  • High price
360 heurist
  • Strong brush, high suction power
  • Camera with LED lighting
  • Robust chain drive
  • High price
  • Navigation not very smart
  • No side brushes for corners and edges
Complete list: the best robot vacuum cleaners

Features: These functions are included

The new top vacuum cleaner from Zaco has a lot to offer. The A10 has these functions and properties:
  • Intelligent navigation: For orientation in space, the vacuum cleaner has laser navigation with a panoramic view and other sensors on board. With the help of light pulses, he scans the surroundings, measures the premises with pinpoint accuracy and thus always knows where he is. Fall sensors reliably prevent the vacuum cleaner from tumbling down the stairs to the ground floor, for example.
  • Start and operation: You can do this conveniently via the app on your mobile phone or tablet – or by pressing the buttons on the device. Zaco also supplies a remote control.
  • Running time: When the battery is fully charged, the device lasts almost two hours before it has to go back to the charging station. A five-hour break from cleaning is required to recharge.
  • Automatic functions: When the battery is empty, the device automatically returns to the charging station and continues cleaning automatically after charging. Cleaning plans can be created in the app, for example for cleaning in your absence.
  • Volume: The noise level when vacuuming on carpets is around 66 decibels. It’s as loud as a lively group conversation.
  • Capacity: The dirt ends up in a bagless dust container with a volume of 470 milliliters. 300 milliliters fit into the tank for the washer fluid. A HEPA filter (particulate filter) for allergy sufferers is not installed.
  • Measures and weight: The suction cup measures 33 centimeters in diameter and is nice and flat at 9.2 centimeters in height. It fits under many beds, sofas and chests of drawers. The device weighs 2.7 kilograms.
  • Scope of delivery: Vacuum and floor mopping robot, charging station, power supply unit, side brushes (both sides), replacement brush, filter plus replacement, cleaning tool, mopping module including mopping cloth, drip protection, remote control plus batteries, operating instructions (in German)
Zaco A10 and the furniture © Zaco, COMPUTERBILD

The owl looks skeptical. Rightly so, because the Zaco A10 is not exactly squeamish about furniture, floor vases and decorations standing around.

This is how thoroughly the Zaco robot vacuums

The robot has a rotating rubber roller with bristles and two side brushes that are supposed to clean away the dirt thoroughly. After a few trial rounds to get to know the premises, the A10 demonstrated its cleaning skills. The booty: 100 grams of dirt, a mix of cat litter, muesli and wood shavings, served on laminate and carpeted floors. The suction performance was acceptable in the test: At 84.2 grams, the device picked up a large part of the dirt, but also left a lot behind. The smart helper also worked reasonably thoroughly around table legs. Less conscientiously, he took care of the edges and corners of the rooms. From the 20 corn kernels laid out there, he only collected half.

This is how smart the Zaco A10 cleans

With the Zaco robot, the wild back and forth according to the chaos principle has had its day. The A10 is the first Zaco vacuum cleaner with an “observation tower”. Inside is a 360-degree laser that keeps an eye on the surroundings and can use virtual maps to clean anywhere on up to three floors. At 9.2 centimeters, it is no longer as flat as its predecessor, the Zaco A9 (almost 8 centimeters), which only relied on a front camera for navigation. The control works either by remote control, mobile phone app or voice control. The new Zaco did not always go to work hesitantly: it sometimes bumped into cupboards or pushed the floor vase a little across the room. After all: the front bumper gently cushioned most collisions. In the app, rooms and zones can be defined in the virtual map, specific areas can be cleaned in a targeted manner (“spot cleaning”) or others can be excluded.

The Zaco A10 can also scrub

The Zaco A10 also has cleaning skills that are otherwise only mastered by more expensive devices. Anyone who swaps the dust box for the water tank activates a clever wiping function. It relies on a pulsating base plate. Where other vacuum cleaners just lovelessly drag the attached mopping cloth over the floor and “stroke” tiles and parquet with damp, there is strong vibration and a lot of pressure so that even stubborn dirt disappears. The Zaco also wants to automatically detect the ground so that the flokati is not flooded and the water supply is stopped while mopping. However, this did not always work reliably in the test – and the A10 scrubbed carelessly over the carpeting despite carpet detection.

Test conclusion and price: The A10 can and costs that

  • Sucks and wipes properly
  • Lots of functions
  • Little stamina
  • No obstacle detection
The new Zaco A10 is available for 470 euros. The device comes in a stylish black case. If you want, you can dress it up with a stylish skin. This gives the Robo a personal touch or ensures that it harmonizes better with the furniture and floor. The skins are on the Zaco website can be ordered for 25 euros and can also be designed there yourself.

* The cheapest price may be higher in the meantime.




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