Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Max in the test

Their biggest weakness: They have a maximum resolution of 720p and are sometimes much too loud. This is exactly where the Wanbo T2 Max comes in. It offers a resolution of 1080p and is one of the quietest projectors we have ever tested. At just under 130 euros, it is by far the cheapest native Full HD projector on the market. The test report shows what else it can do and where its weaknesses lie.
The Wanbo T2 Max is quite compact with its dimensions of 11 x 13 x 15 centimeters and weighs around 900 grams. An external power supply is included. It is dressed in matt white plastic, and the large glass lens sits on its front in a black piano lacquer look. The plastic is perforated underneath the lens and a fan is located behind it. The same applies to the back. There the Wanbo T2 Max also has a connection for the power supply unit, a 3.5-millimeter jack port for connecting external audio devices, an HDMI input and a USB-A port.
Round recesses on the left and right are evidence of the two 3-watt stereo speakers. These are sufficiently loud, but not very voluminous. A tripod thread is hidden between four rubber feet on the underside. Above is the on / off switch next to the sufficiently large and usable focus wheel. This is the only button on the Wanbo T2 Max, the rest of the operation is carried out exclusively via the supplied remote control. This is unspectacular, but functional. All the buttons required for full use are located on the plastic front in the look of brushed metal. There is no separate button for start / pause.
Overall, we really like the Wanbo T2 Max. Its design is minimalist and blends in well with most interiors.
The Wanbo T2 Max creates a sharp image with a diagonal of around 90 centimeters (35 inches) from a distance of just over one meter. Other projectors in its price range usually require higher distances for a sharp image. If you want to get really close, you should take a look at a short distance projector (comparison test). The sharpness is excellent thanks to the native resolution of 1960 x 1080 pixels and a significant improvement over projectors with lower resolution. You can see the difference clearly with fonts and larger display diagonals.
The brightness distribution is good, the projection hardly gets darker towards the edges. The maximum overall brightness of the Wanbo T2 Max’s LED light source is perhaps its greatest weakness. For example, the image of the Blitzwolf BW-VP5 (test report) is much more luminous. Nevertheless, the T2 Max is bright enough to easily watch videos with a two meter picture in a darkened room. In contrast, it is hardly suitable for conference rooms. The white has a slight green cast. There is no possibility to adjust the color temperature in the options. It’s a shame, after all, the underlying Android offers such options, which the manufacturer did not implement.
Noticeable: The T2 Max is pleasantly quiet and does not get much louder during prolonged use. Sure, this is still a projector whose LED light source has to be actively cooled with fans. This does not happen completely without noises. Nevertheless, the Wanbo T2 Max is one of the quietest projectors we have ever tested.
Overall, the image quality of the Wanbo T2 Max is excellent, especially considering its affordable price of less than 130 euros. There is currently no other projector in this price range that offers native Full HD resolution.
The operating system of the Wanbo T2 Max is based on an adapted Android 6. It has been a few years since Android had such a low version number. The menu item Over the phone reveals that the Android security patch level is as of September 1, 2017. In the options, the language can be set to German, but one often stumbles over sloppy translations.
There is no Google Playstore, but there is a dedicated, customized store for downloading many apps. Including Youtube, Netflix and Prime Video. These work well, they respond to the corresponding input via the remote control and play their content smoothly in Full HD. Social media apps such as Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter are also on board. For news, among others, CNN, DW, Tagesschau, Focus Online and BBC News are available. Music fans can install Spotify, Shazam, Soundcloud, Deezer and various radio apps. The selection seems large, but it cannot be compared with the seemingly endless range of the Google Playstore, as one is used to from smartphones.
If an app is not included, it can be sideloaded using a USB stick. These then usually do not work via normal buttons on the remote control. To do this, the user has to press the mouse button on the remote longer and can then use the arrow keys to move a mouse pointer over the image. This is made easier with a real mouse connected via Bluetooth or a cable. A keyboard can also help when surfing in the browser, for example. As with smartphones, it is possible to connect external Bluetooth speakers.
It is also possible to mirror compatible end devices via Miracast. In addition, the software allows the reading of connected hard drives for media playback.
The T2 Max does not have an automatic keystone correction, but this can be adjusted manually in the options. However, if it can be avoided, we advise against it, as the pixels have to be recalculated and the image quality suffers.
Overall, we are satisfied with the Android operating system, as it offers significantly more than very simple projector operating systems in this price range, especially thanks to its apps. However, Android 6 is hopelessly out of date and we miss setting options for color rendering and a lot more. After all, it is possible to install external apps.
Projectors with a native resolution of 1960 x 1080 pixels usually start at 200 euros. A clear example is the price comparison included here, which sorts according to the cheapest full HD projectors.
The Wanbo T2 Max costs at Banggood (purchase link) with the voucher code BGDEWB159 only about 126 euros. There are no shipping costs, but buyers have to be patient, shipping is only from China.
The Wanbo T2 Max is not perfect. His Android software is stuck, the sound is loud but flat and the picture is a bit too dark. Nevertheless, the T2 Max is the best full HD projector that you can get for less than 130 euros. This is not only due to the fact that it is significantly cheaper than all other projectors with 1080p resolution. It also looks elegant and well made. In addition, it is very quiet and comes with an outdated but flexible Android operating system on which you can install apps.



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