Xiaomi Mi TV Q1: 75-inch TV in the test

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 shines with its bright and high-contrast 120 Hertz screen. The equipment can be seen. However, the television does not fully exploit the potential of its promising technology. In particular, there is no fine-tuning of the color matching, and the overriding that cannot be switched off was a problem in the test. In terms of usability, there was a partial problem. The TV giant is already offering a good price-performance ratio.


  • Very bright and colorful picture
  • High contrast
  • Good equipment with Android 10


  • Sound quality only average
  • Faded colors
  • overshadowed picture
  • Bad instruction manual

Test rating from the editors


D.his television is an announcement: At 75 inches or 190 centimeters, the Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 is huge, and that’s just right for spacious living rooms: a viewing distance of four to six meters is perfect for this screen size. With high-quality technology, the television should also be really good and at a ridiculous price. At the time of testing, Xiaomi calls for 1,300 euros for the Q1, while comparable models from Samsung, Sony & Co. cost 30 percent more. However, according to the data sheet, the Q1 is anything but an economy model; Xiaomi actually lists ambitious technology. The test by COMPUTER BILD shows what this brings and whether the Mi TV Q1 can stand up to the established competition.

The best 75-inch (190 centimeter) TVs

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 lives on a large scale

QLED screen for more colors

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1: the best picture settings

Local dimming technology for high contrast

In the test with the Calman software from Portrait displays The Xiaomi Q1 showed color deviations, recognizable by the lines clearly protruding beyond the 3-line to the right. The represent the deviations of the individual color tones from the target values.

UHD resolution and 120 Hertz

HDMI 2.1 not at full speed

Complete variety of connections

Android 10 with a large selection of apps

Voice control in two ways

Cozy zapping

When zapping, hectic pace is also out of place, program changes took a similarly long time in the test. With cable reception, the television tended to choke itself while zapping, and then remained stuck on a program until it was restarted. On the Xiaomi Q10 it is very easy to create favorites lists with your favorite channels, the order of which can be quickly adapted to your own preferences. Handling is also unproblematic thanks to the convenient remote control, only the labeling should be more contrasting. The television requires a bit of experience or a willingness to experiment, because users cannot rely on instructions: As usual, the television only comes with a thin, brief instruction manual. The detailed version is available as an app at the time of the test, only in English and poorly illustrated.

Test conclusion: comparison of Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 / Samsung TVs




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