Wizards of the Coast kicks content creator out of program for “sexualizing” MTG

Wizards of the Coast has eliminated content material creator Lizbeth Eden from the Magic: The Gathering creator program for distributing Magic content material that was towards the group’s code of conduct.  Unaware that she had violated the WotC code of conduct in any method, Eden was stunned and upset over the accusations offered to her by the group.
The email sent by WotC says Eden “had been distributing Magic content material that’s towards the group’s code of conduct,” which included pictures “that includes grownup nudity and sexualized postering.” Eden does have an Solely Followers web site that isn’t tied to her content material creation of MTG. And in line with her, she hasn’t violated the code of conduct as WotC claims.  “I haven’t really carried out what I’m being accused of,” Eden mentioned. “The cardboard I made doesn’t ‘function grownup nudity,’ and I’ve posted zero specific content material associated to mtg. The cardboard in reference was a pretend MTG card that was posted as a joke, in line with Eden, which contained her model of a Mythic Woman of Magic. She additionally admitted there have been pictures of her with two Colossal Dreadmaw playing cards caught in her high and a Carnage Tyrant pun created that she referred to as “Heaux Proof.” Numerous MTG content material creators, like Tolarian Neighborhood Faculty, got here to Eden’s protection on Twitter, joking about how Oko, Thief of Crowns was kicked out of the content material creator program too whereas additionally retweeting an older sexualized picture of the Magic card Pink-Scorching Hottie.
One other Magic card was additionally dropped at mild, Earthbind, an Enchantment printed in 1994 that encompasses a partially dressed fairy in bondage. At time of writing, WotC has not launched an official assertion in response to Eden’s claims or those that have defended her on Twitter.



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