Who won Minecraft Championships (MCC) 15? Final Standings and Scores

The end of Minecraft Championships 15 closed another fantastic Noxcrew event. Players witnessed the long-awaited addition of Ranboo and saw another edition of one of the most successful Minecraft esports events ever created. Players were in for a treat this time, with several changes in maps and gameplay paired with the return of Sand of Time, revamped for a new season. Only one team could get a win, and Red Rabbits took the victory in the Dodgebolt finale 3-0. It was a pretty close race heading towards the last two games, and multiple teams were within touching distance of each other in the standings. Red Rabbits changed the hard-fought landscape by popping off in Survival Games at the end and knocking out Pink Parrots in the process, destroying the massive lead they had before the final game. Here are the final standings for the entire event:
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  1. Red Rabbits: 22740 Coins
  2. Yellow Yaks: 19670 Coins
  3. Pink parrots: 19372 Coins
  4. Blue Bats: 17825 Coins
  5. Purple Pandas: 16064 Coins
  6. Green Guardians: 15940 Coins
  7. Cyan Creepers: 15554 Coins
  8. Orange Ocelots: 12297 Coins
  9. Aqua Axolotls: 11727 Coins
  10. Lime Llamas: 9648 Coins
Noxcrew has not confirmed the dates for MCC 16 yet, but the second season is off to a strong start after its first event.



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