Where to collect Artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6 (Spire Challenges)

The third week of Fortnite’s latest season is live and many new quests were added to the game. These challenges are essential for players who are looking to max out their battle pass as soon as possible. They’ll also play an important role when it comes to determining the narrative of the season. With Patch 16.10, the second Spire challenge became available. Players will need to collect Artifacts for Tarana this time around. These Artifacts are located in Boney Burbs, a landmark toward the northwest of the Spire.

The first Artifact

The first Artifact is located around the west part of Boney Burbs, right under the first “B” in Boney. It’s inside an old shop that’s almost in ruins now. Once you’re inside, look for a counter and check behind it. You’ll see an object that’s glowing blue, which will be the first Artifact.

The second Artifact

The second Artifact will be waiting for you on the opposite side of Boney Burbs. Make your way to the southeast edge of the town, close to the clock tower. The Artifact will be outside, however, just under the clock tower’s stairs.

The third Artifact

Right after picking up the second Artifact, you’ll need to head north to collect the third one. Look for an old shop once again, but the Artifact will be hiding in a different part of the shop. Head over to the ground floor once you make it there and you’ll find the Artifact glowing on the floor between the wall and a tree.
After collecting all of the Artifacts, you’ll need to revisit Tarana so you can proceed to the quest’s next stage. She also spends her time wandering around Boney Burbs, so it shouldn’t take you long to find her after claiming all the Artifacts. Since this quest just went live, Boney Burbs will be filled with enemy players who are also looking to complete this challenge. Make sure to find a couple of guns before you start looking for the Artifacts since there’s a good chance you’ll be running into multiple players in this tiny landmark.

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