What Do You Need to Focus Your Energy On If You Want to Pass Microsoft AI-900 Exam On the First Attempt?

Are you passionate about artificial intelligence and want to develop a solid career in this domain? A smart decision would be to get an international certification that validates this kind of knowledge. The Microsoft 70-410 is a good starting point for your career as it offers you the opportunity to obtain a prestigious Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals certification. The test estimates your understanding of the foundational AI concepts while using Microsoft Azure tools and services.

The Microsoft AI-900 exam is quite complicated and requires a high level of attention and deep preparation to succeed. Therefore, before you jump into taking this test, you should concentrate your efforts on identifying the official preparation resources that will help you secure the necessary passing score.

Explore the Official Training Materials Provided by Microsoft

Microsoft offers two training alternatives. The first option is offered for free and it includes different videos related to artificial intelligence. The second alternative is paid instructor-led training that follows the Microsoft 70-764 blueprint. Let’s take them one by one and offer you more details about each.

  • Online Free Self-Study Preparation Materials

The free option is available directly on the test’s official site. It is presented by six learning paths. Each of them contains one or more modules with video lectures covering specific Azure AI concepts and tools. By going through these videos you will learn how to get started with artificial intelligence and explore visual tools for machine learning. Besides, you will gain expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, and decision support. In addition, you will find a video dedicated to knowledge mining while using Microsoft 70-741 . Each module contains a knowledge check at the end that enables you to consolidate what you have learned.

  • Paid Instructor-led Training

In addition to free learning paths, Microsoft provides instructor-led training for the Microsoft AI-900 exam. This course was developed by Microsoft’s expert trainers to introduce examinees to fundamental artificial intelligence concepts. Its main purpose is to build the candidates’ awareness on how AI solutions can be created with the help of different Microsoft Azure services. You will learn how the AI workloads can be managed and how to identify the most appropriate Azure services that can help in supporting them. This preparation option offers a combination of instructor-led training and self-study materials available online on the Microsoft 70-742  Learn platform. The target audience for this course consists of any professional who wants to learn more about artificial intelligence and is interested in developing expertise on how to use Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Additional Training Resources

To enhance your chances of achieving the required passing score (700 points and more) in the Microsoft AI-900 exam, you can also use alternative learning platforms. There is a variety of websites offering reliable practice tests for this certification test to help you assess your progress. Practice tests are also an extremely effective tool to get acquainted with the exam’s framework and format of questions. Moreover, you can explore some relevant books available on Amazon.com. For instance, you can buy the Exam Ref Microsoft 98-366 Fundamentals authored by Julian Sharp. This guide focuses on developing the decision-making and critical thinking acumen required for passing the Microsoft AI-900 exam. It is available in paperback format at a price of $32.57.


Effective training is a decisive factor for succeeding in the Microsoft MS-300 on the first try. Even though you might have practical experience in artificial intelligence, you still need thorough preparation to hone your skills. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from. Thus, you can start by exploring the vendor’s official materials and continue with the additional preparation resources. Good luck!



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