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What is watched?

Watched is a free multimedia browser from the Swiss Watched AG. With it, users call up films and series from different providers. The software can be installed on the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as on smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) and can be expanded almost at will. After the installation, select your personal program under so-called bundles. You can get the official standard bundle by entering the URL and then click on WATCHED Bundle. From now on you will see under the menu item Dashboard Films and series structured in different categories, sorted by popularity, for example. With a click of the mouse on a film or series, Watched shows you an overview of it, including links to all streaming services that offer the relevant content.

Is Watched free?

Yes, the service can be used free of charge. In order to watch the content of certain streaming services, however, an account (usually paid) with the respective provider is required. But free offers such as the ARD and ZDF media libraries can also be integrated into Watched.

Where do I download Watched?

If you do not have the Watched app yet, simply use one of the guaranteed virus-free downloads from COMPUTER BILD (see links above). The program is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, configure it with a bundle. Via the url get the official Watched bundle. Important NOTE: If you want to install the Watched app on an Android smartphone, we recommend downloading it directly from COMPUTER BILD. The application is currently not available in the Google Play Store (beginning of October 2020); instead, there are apps from other manufacturers with a similar name and logo.

Is Watched illegal?

No, the app is legal per se – this applies to download, installation and use. Because Watched itself does not offer streaming content: You add it through the bundles. However, caution is advised: In addition to the official and legal extensions, there are a number of dubious bundle URLs that make copyrighted and usually paid content available free of charge. Their use is illegal!
Lawyer Christian Solmecke confirmed to COMPUTER BILD: “The media player from Watched, like the app offered, is initially completely legal. Just because the player can be misused to also play back illegal content does not make the player illegal. For comparison: a web browser like Chrome or Firefox is not illegal just because you can find instructions on how to build bombs. However, this fact makes it difficult for users in everyday use, as they are responsible for themselves and have to recognize whether they have just clicked on a legal or illegal offer Without technical understanding, this is a dance on the razor blade and can cost the wallet of the user dearly. However, the app providers are allowed to offer their legal software in the stores. “

What is the penalty if I use the offer?

If you use the legal offer from Watched, you face no consequences. But the line between legality and illegality is fine, because streaming has been illegal in some cases since 2017. Individual reproductions of a work for private use are permitted, but only if it is NOT an obviously illegal template. Solmecke says: “Wherever current films and series are offered, users must be aware that the content accessible via them is obviously illegal. Legally, users are committing a copyright infringement that can be warned is hardly technically possible and, on the other hand, not very lucrative, users do not currently have to expect a warning. You are (still) on the safe side here. ” The situation is different if the software uses a peer-to-peer function (P2P). This is known colloquially as “file sharing” or “swap exchange”. Here, the authorities usually warn not to download, but to offer copyrighted content, even if users are not aware of what is happening in the background. This quickly threatens a warning of 1,000 euros and more. The COMPUTER BILD test laboratory at Watched did not find such a function, but be aware of the problem as a user.

Conclusion: Dubious terms and conditions

On its simply designed website, Watched AG provides little information about its application. The structure of the service is reminiscent of the controversial Vavoo. This software can also be set up via bundles and has been criticized for various offers with copyrighted content. According to the legal notice, the two companies have the same headquarters. An accident?
Also take a look at the general terms and conditions not completely convincing. There it says: “CAE (Community Addon Developers) may only publish add-ons that do not infringe the copyrights of rights holders. Therefore, CAE is strictly forbidden to develop applications with which users can access licensed content without the To have secured permission from the rights holder. ” However, the company distances itself from these community add-ons: “The registered user has to install community add-ons manually, so Watched does not offer automated access to external add-ons. Therefore, we do not assume any liability for the storage, development and maintenance of community add-ons Furthermore, we are not responsible for monitoring content that could possibly be made available via community addons. “
In addition, Watched only seems to take action against violations in exceptional cases, because: “We strictly adhere to the federal law on data protection of the Swiss Confederation and are therefore neither obliged to monitor user behavior, nor are we allowed to access private data, including the user’s content Furthermore, we are not obliged to proactively monitor the Internet in order to identify indications of a possible violation of our terms and conditions and to fully comply with the provisions of the federal data protection law Inquiries which, due to illegal activities of a user against applicable international criminal law and the resulting court orders, demand the release of user information for the purpose of preserving evidence. ”



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