War and Order MOD APK v1.3.35 Download(Unlimited Gems)

There are many war games out there for Android devices. War games I didn’t mean battle games, I want to say about the MMORPG game in which all you need is the best strategy. Your mind is something to help you to conquer your enemies. I came up with one of the most popular game, War and Order MOD APK with Unlimited Gems and Money. You should stick with me to know how awesome this game is. You will be able to build your own world with training soldiers and get ready for war. I think War and Order is a perfect combination of Tower Defence, castle building and real-time strategy games. You’ll command orcs, mages, and elves with your fingers in this wonderful 3D game. Your main aim will be winning all the battles with your Huge Army. Kill your enemies and grow up in the game. You can also make new allies and take slay monsters, castles and new territory as your tribe. You’ll not get bored easily as the game supports some really awesome graphics and battle style gameplay. Take your imagination to your screen and try out the best strategy for this wonderful war game. you need to become the best King in the game so your allies and people trust your skills. Why MOD APK? As usual, this game is free to download and play in the Google Play Store but You won’t get all gems and Money for free in the free version. Same as all Android games you need to spend time or real cash if you want to get all important in-game items. But if you’re like me who don’t like to wait or spend some bucks from your pocket then War and Order MOD APK would be the best choice for you. In this article, I’ll give you a direct download link to War and Order MOD APK + Normal APK(For innocent people who don’t like any kind of hack or modded versions). Or you simply want to test your skills. But Importantly don’t forget to read the installation details given below the article so you are able to install the game successfully.

War and Order 1.3.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Download War and Order MOD APK


War and Order MOD APK Overview

War and Order is again an awesome MMORPG game that is developed and published by popular gaming company camel Games. It supports really awesome gameplay with realistic war graphics. This is nothing but a strategy plus a tower defense game and popular all around the world. Game is available for both Android and iOS and it has millions of downloads from all around the world.

Features of War and Order MOD APK

  • Be the Best Player: You can build and train your 50 soldiers includes elves, humans, beasts, angels, mages, uniting orcs. You can also construct and upgrade much building for new soldiers, resources, and buffs. Discover new magic and technology for getting new strategies and weapons.
  • Make Friends: You can play with your friends and chat with any player from anywhere in the world. With your alliance, you can build your strongest castle which no one can destroy. Expand it to new boundaries. Your strategy will lead you to win the game.
  • Real-Time PVP Battles: What I like the most is that you’ll get real-time player vs player battles on the battlefield. Build your army to leviathan proportions, you’ll face many other lords when you expand your castle.
  • Conquer the fields: You’ll be the one who will command and win the castles to get their resources and get to the top of the rankings. Kill all the free-roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating orgies to massive dragons. This is a sort of castle defense game, so, you need to protect yourself and your allies from would-be conquerors.
  • Build your Empire: Don’t stop with winning one castle and take over the royal city to rule over the whole empire with your skills and powers. You’ll also get to discover many new places and find the best resources and ancient ruins with new surprises. Grow further with your alliance territory to get many new rewards and resources.
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Storyline and Gameplay

Your soldiers will fight with monsters that will try to destroy your castle, your mission is to command them to fight against enemies and win over them. But keep in mind try to defeat them with as little time as possible and try to save your resources. There are multiple ways to defend your empire, what I like is build strong barracks and other buildings to protect your kingdom. Gems are limited but for only those who don’t have War and Order MOD APK. Your castle is the most important thing besides all your other buildings. Upgrading it will grow you more in the game.  Collect the money to upgrade it or simply use hack mod apk of the game. One more thing which most people like about the game is its hospital unit, this will keep you safe from players who are looking to tear you down. In War and Order MOD, you’ll be enjoying the time when your soldiers go for war.  Make sure you trained your army in a good way. You’ll get three kinds of assault options – individual attack, rally, and time sync attack.

Hack Modified Version Features

  • Unlimited Food and Wood
  • Unlimited Gems & Money
  • Safe to use
  • 100% Free to Download
  • No need to Root or anything stupid
  • Auto-sync on any device
  • Update automatically
  • Fast Download War and Order MOD
  • Supports almost all Android device

Soldiers and Battles

What I like the most is dragon roars, aces, and Fireball which is an awesome feature of the War and Order MOD APK. As you’re the King, your main aim is to build strategies to train your soldiers and win the big empires. Constructing new buildings will always help you to get the most resources quickly. Being a king you should interact with your army and this is what you can do to motivate them to always win. PvP real-time battle is something awesome feature of the game. I literally made many friends from the corners of the world who are my alliance in the game. The King can interact with his soldiers to force and fight together; these interactions are designed in real-time. The best part of this game is that gamers work together to beat a common enemy. The game goes beyond battles to a real-world friendship. But hey, I am not saying that you could not play with your own friends, yes, Facebook friends option is for this only. Read also: Jurassic World The Game MOD APK [Unlimited Cash]

Some Tips to remember

war and order mod apk If you want to play the match in rally then upgrade your castle to up to level 8. When you’ll upgrade your barracks then you’ll some powers like the orcs, but only after the level 4 barracks. Barracks are the second most important building after the castle because of its backbone for various other heroes and many in-game types of equipment. Upgrade them will keep you going further and becoming the top player of the game.

How to Install the Game

  1. Have you played this game before, if not then start with step 2 if yes, then uninstall the previous version of the game
  2. Download the War and Order MOD APK or Normal APK from the above link
  3. Now again optional step, have enabled “Unknown Sources” Option from Settings>Security
  4. Its time to install the game
  5. Now, if the game asks you for any permissions grant it
  6. Open the game and Enjoy

Final Words

The game is really awesome and it is a mixture of Tower Defense and RPG game. What I figured out that you may not like this game at first but after some time playing the game, you’ll gonna fall in love with this awesome game. I am playing it for long and building my castle strong. At last, I want to say that if you have installed the game successfully then okay, but if not then comment below, I’ll give you the best solution. The game is worth playing only if you play it with your best friends, so don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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