Want to Maximize the Effects of CBD Products? Here are 4 Things You Can Do

The way CBD works remains a mystery to most people. That’s why many of them rely mostly on guesswork about how they take CBD products. What they don’t know is that the same dose can deliver very different effects depending on how it’s consumed. Even the foods that you eat when consuming CBD could affect how fast and strong the effects will be. If you want to get the most out of your CBD products, here are four things that you can do.

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Choose the Right Formulation

When picking a CBD product, you should look beyond things like the route of administration and concentration. You should also investigate the type of CBD that was used to make the product. The type of CBD a product has been made with will have a big impact on its effects.

You have broad-spectrum products, full-spectrum products, and products made from CBD isolates. Products made from CBD isolate contain only the CBD, while full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products will contain other plant elements. While CBD isolate products will give the benefit of the compound only, other products may have intensified effects because CBD is enhanced by the presence of other phytochemicals.

You also have proprietary forms of CBD like water soluble NANO CBD products that are created for maximum bioavailability (good article here if you want to learn more about NANO CBD). So do your research on these different types of CBD and find the one you think will work the best for what you need.

Use it With Other Supplements

CBD is often used as a sleep aid, and if you want to make it even more powerful, you could combine it with other supplements like melatonin. These two work great together, and there are many products like softgels and tinctures that will combine both. This creates a very powerful sleep aid that will provide stress, anxiety, and whole-body pain relief at the same time.

Make CBD Bulletproof Coffee

You’ve probably heard of bulletproof coffee before. If you haven’t, bulletproof coffee is a combination of coconut oil, coffee, and saturated fats like butter. Bulletproof coffee is not only great for boosting energy but enhances cognitive function as well.

Adding CBD to the mix will make it more bioavailable because of the presence of saturated fats. It is believed that the fat helps the body pick up more of the CBD, increasing its concentration in the bloodstream and its effects.

Read the Instructions

This is especially important if you’re going to be using CBD oil. For you to feel the maximum effects, it has to be applied under the tongue. You need to keep the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds, but the longer you can hold it, the better. Also, read dosage instructions carefully and start with a low dose. You can then gradually adjust your dosage as you go.

These are a few simple ways that you increase the effects and efficiency of CBD products. Now that you know how to use them properly, look for a supplier and see if there’s something you like.



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