Vodafone Prepaid: CallYa tariffs in detail – great summer promotion

At Vodafone, there are not only the Red mobile phone tariffs for people who want to commit to a contract. The provider offers flexibility with its CallYa tariffs, which are based on the prepaid principle and have no contractual obligations. In the following, COMPUTER BILD presents the Vodafone prepaid tariffs in detail and deals with special offers and special features.

Vodafone prepaid: you need to know that

  • CallYa Allnet Flat S: 9.99 euros basic fee | 3 GB data volume | 4 weeks term
  • CallYa Allnet Flat M: 14.99 euros basic fee | 5 GB data volume | 4 weeks term
  • CallYa Allnet Flat L: 19.99 euros basic fee | 7 GB data volume | 4 weeks term
Vodafone CallYa Allnet Flat

Vodafone CallYa Classic and Start: New Beginners

Formerly the “Talk & SMS” – now the “CallYa Classic” tariff is the entry into Vodafone’s prepaid offer. No basic fee and individual billing for calls, SMS and surfed megabytes distinguish it. At 3 cents per megabyte, the price is comparatively cheap, but the Classic tariff is only suitable for purely written information from the Internet – otherwise pictures, music or even videos can quickly devour tens of megabytes. The new alternative for occasional surfers is called “CallYa Start”. For just under 5 euros, it brings 1 gigabyte of data volume and 50 included units for calls and SMS.
  • CallYa Classic: 0 euro basic fee | 3 cents per MB | 9 cents per minute / SMS | 4 weeks term
  • CallYa start: 4.99 euros basic fee | 50 free units | 1 GB data volume | 4 weeks term
Vodafone CallYa Classic and CallYa Start

Vodafone CallYa Digital: The frequent surfing tariff

Still in the portfolio and largely unchanged in the performance data: the “CallYa Digital” for people who literally grew up on the Internet. The tariff comes with 10 gigabytes of surfing volume, which is a decent cushion for streamers – whether music or video. Flat-rate phone and SMS to all German networks are still on board, the 5G option that can be booked is new. Peculiarity of the digital tariff: it can only be concluded online and instead of a telephone hotline there is customer service via chat in the “MeinVodafone” app, via WhatsApp or SMS – consistently digital.
Vodafone CallYa Digital 20 euros basic fee * | 10 GB data volume | Allnet Flat | 4 weeks term
* With a voucher code there is currently a whopping 60 euros starting credit for free if you enter “SOMMER60” during the ordering process. CallYa Digital can be tested for free for almost three months.

Vodafone CallYa Black: The 80 Euro professional tariff

The “CallYa Black” tariff has been in place since the end of 2019. With an inclusive volume of 50 GB, it is aimed at temporary frequent surfers and phone users as well as people who are temporarily in Germany, such as foreign trade fair visitors. Because at a price of 79.99 euros every 28 days, the CallYa Black is one of the most expensive prepaid tariffs on the market. For comparison: the in-house Red XL Unlimited tariff offers unlimited data volume and other bonuses (such as the Vodafone Pass) at the same price, but binds the user for 24 months. In addition to the generous data volume, which can be surfed in the Vodafone 5G network at no extra charge, the Black tariff includes an all-network flat rate for Germany and other EU countries as well as 500 units (minutes or SMS) from Germany to other EU countries. Attention: Of the 50 GB, “only” up to 45 GB can be used in other EU countries. It seems a bit old-fashioned that Vodafone is only offering the CallYa Black exclusively in all flagship stores and in selected shops, but not online. This may be related to the fact that identification is required when purchasing a prepaid card.

Vodafone WebSessions: data packages without a contract

Vodafone’s WebSessions are flexible, bookable data packages that are available in various sizes. The basic package offers 200 megabytes for 4.99 euros. WebSessions S (1 GB, 14.99 euros), WebSessions M (3 GB, 24.99 euros) and WebSessions L (5 GB, 34.99 euros) also offer maximum LTE speeds of up to 500 Mbps. After consumption, the surfing speed is reduced to a minimum (32 Kbps). The contingent included is valid for 30 days from the date of booking. The CallYa Allnet Flat S, M and L tariffs differ only slightly from each other, mainly in terms of data volume and price. They all offer unlimited telephony and SMS to all German networks, 3, 5 or 7 gigabytes of surfing volume and 200 (CallYa Allnet Flat S) or 500 units (M and L) for calls and SMS from Germany to other EU countries. The CallYa-Digital tariff is an old acquaintance for which nothing has changed except for the chargeable 5G option. The latter is available for all new CallYa tariffs – price of the option: 2.99 euros per billing period. By default, you surf the Vodafone LTE network with up to 500 Mbps, depending on consumption, with a maximum of 32 Kbps. The CallYa tariffs support “Voice over LTE” (also called VoLTE) for improved voice quality and thus allow simultaneous calls and surfing via LTE. Good to know: Vodafone does not charge a deployment price. The SIM card is free and is marketed as a “free card”. If the number is successfully ported, Vodafone currently has 10 euros starting credit (as of July 2021).
  • 400 megabytes: 2.99 euros
  • 800 megabytes: 5.99 euros
  • 2 gigabytes: 9.99 euros
  • 5 gigabytes: 19.99 euros
  • 7.5 gigabytes: 29.99 euros
  • DayFlat with 10 gigabytes: 4.99 euros
  • 100 min./SMS: 4.99 euros
  • 400 min./SMS: 9.99 euros
  • Vodafone flat rate: 2.99 euros
  • 5G option: 2.99 euros
Important: The options have a term of four weeks from the day of booking – regardless of the billing period of the underlying prepaid tariff. Plus, you’ll automatically extend for another four weeks if you don’t cancel. However, this does not apply to the DayFlat 10GB option, with which Vodafone provides you with an extra 10 gigabytes for exactly 24 hours. That costs 4.99 euros.

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Prepaid: use tariff calculator, find top offers

In addition to Vodafone, many other providers offer prepaid tariffs, the market is huge. You can get an overview with the tariff calculator from COMPUTER BILD (in cooperation with Verivox). There you will find the best one after a few clicks Prepaid offer for your individual needs. You can freely select data volume, inclusive minutes, flat rates and network and have the best tariffs displayed in comparison – with the option of changing directly and conveniently.



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