Vivo X60 Pro test: gimbal camera, OIS, Schott glass

After the Vivo X51 5G, the Vivo X60 Pro is the Chinese manufacturer’s second flagship smartphone in Germany. In the test, the X51 impressed with its extremely powerful image stabilization, even with strong vibrations during filming. The technology behind it, the built-in gimbal, can now also be found in the Vivo X60 Pro – with an improved function. COMPUTER BILD reveals what’s behind it and what else the Vivo X60 Pro can do.

What is Vivo?

Vivo is the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide in terms of market share (source: Canalys market study Q1 / 2021). The company was in China last even number 1, in Germany the company has only had its own location in Düsseldorf since 2020 and officially launched the X51 5G as the first top smartphone in 2020.

Vivo X60: The official smartphone for the EM

Hardly any football fan with a weakness for the German team thinks back to that Off at the 2018 World Cup. But many smartphone fans still remember the perimeter advertising for the then unknown Chinese manufacturer Vivo. The focus is now on the company again: The Vivo X60 is the official smartphone of the current European Championship (which will continue to be called “UEFA Euro 2020” in 2021 and will run in ten European metropolises and one Asian city from June 11 to July 11, 2021). It is available in Germany as a Pro version. Last year, the Vivo X51 impressed as the first cell phone with built-in gimbal camera stabilization. Can the successor go a step further?
Vivo X60 Pro
Vivo X60 Pro: slim glass housing from Schott with edge display made by Samsung.

Vivo X60 Pro: display and design

The design is practically indistinguishable from the X51 – and that’s a good thing: It still looks very slim and is protected by scratch-resistant glass at the front and back. The display size of 6.56 inches is a good choice for a top smartphone. Big but not monstrous by 2021 standards. A refresh rate of 120 Hertz should ensure a smooth display, 240 Hertz sampling rate of the touchscreen for low latency, i.e. smoother operation. The OLED display comes from Samsung (AMOLED), supports HDR10 and HDR10 +. The resolution is 2376×1080 points, i.e. Full HD +. Good news from the test laboratory: The display is 75 percent more luminous than that of its predecessor and, with a measured 990 candelas per square meter, was finally suitable for sunshine. Interesting: lithium aluminosilicate glass from the German company Schott protects the display and the back. This Xensation-Up-Glass is produced in Jena and processed in Asia. In the test, it turned out to be just as scratch-resistant as the common Gorilla Glass from the manufacturer Corning.
Vivo X60 Pro
The Vivo X60 Pro has a bright OLED display with strong colors.

Camera with OIS and gimbal: twice as stable is better

Interesting: The manufacturer developed the camera system together with the company Zeiss, which worked for a long time exclusively with Nokia in the smartphone sector (e.g. on the James Bond mobile phone Nokia 8.3), but now also produces lenses for Sony smartphones such as the Sony Xperia 1 II . Three cameras with four main functions are installed on the back in a rectangular protruding camera block:
  • Main camera: 48 megapixels – here Vivo conjures up with its strong image stabilization, which results from both an improved gimbal (to compensate for strong vibrations) and the optical image stabilization (OIS). Compared to its predecessor, Vivo has integrated a fifth axis of movement for wobble-free video recordings. The focal length is 25.2 millimeters. Also exciting: the aperture is particularly large (f / 1.48), so that a lot of light is captured. Pictures taken in low light could therefore be of high quality.
  • Telephoto camera: 13 megapixels. Thanks to a focal length of 50 millimeters, there is a double optical zoom.
  • Ultra wide angle: 13 megapixels. The focal length of 16 millimeters enables a viewing angle of 120 degrees, and the lens with the integrated autofocus can also be used for Macro close-ups Use from a distance of up to 2.5 centimeters.
Vivo X60 Pro
Vivo X60 Pro with three cameras: main camera (48 MP, 25.2 mm, with gimbal / OIS), telephoto (13 MP, 50 mm, 2x optical zoom), ultra wide angle (13 MP, 16 mm)

How well does gimbal video stabilization work?

The camera stabilization via gimbal is the biggest selling point for the Vivo X60 Pro. The technology compensates for larger vibrations far more effectively than is the case with devices from Samsung, Apple & Co. The Vivo beats the competition by far when it comes to video stabilization. If you shoot a video while jogging with the X60 Pro and an iPhone, you will find it hard to believe how calm the Vivo video is. Compared to the X51, Vivo has added a fifth level of stabilization, but the performance is similar.

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Photo quality in the test

The photo quality of the 48-megapixel main camera – with a very bright lens from the German manufacturer Zeiss – is good. When there is little light, the snapshots are neat, the large aperture takes in a lot of light. Extra modes for starry skies, sports shots and long exposures allow good adaptation to different situations. Only when it comes to zoom is the camera not convincing, the magnification of the telephoto lens is a bit small in view of zoom monsters like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Vivo X60 Pro: Record with the standard camera
Vivo X60 Pro: Record with the standard camera.
Vivo X60 Pro: Ultra wide-angle recording
Vivo X60 Pro: Ultra wide-angle recording.
Vivo X60 Pro: Record with 2 x zoom
Vivo X60 Pro: recording with 2x zoom.
Vivo X60 Pro: shot in portrait mode
Vivo X60 Pro: Shot in portrait mode (bokeh effect).

Vivo X60 Pro: New Snapdragon 870 processor

The Vivo smartphone works with the new Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 870, which is said to outperform the Snapdragon 865 processor by around 10 percent, but is only likely to lag behind the performance of the Snapdragon 888, which is found in the OnePlus 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Oppo Find X3 Pro can be found. Compared to the X51, the X60 Pro definitely accelerates quite a bit. In addition, there is an impressive 12 gigabytes of RAM – more than can be found in some notebooks. 5G can be used in dual mode with two SIM cards. 12 gigabytes of RAM are built-in, but Vivo promises an “extended RAM technology” which is supposed to increase the effectively used memory to 15 gigabytes.
Vivo X60 Pro
Vivo X60 Pro in Black (Midnight Black).

Vivo promises updates for three years

The Vivo X60 Pro comes with Android 11, which forms the core of its own Funtouch OS 11.1 software system. Vivo promises three years of updates for major Android operating system upgrades and security updates.

Test result and alternative to the Vivo X60 Pro

Thanks to the stylish housing, great display and unique image stabilization, the Vivo X60 Pro is becoming an interesting Samsung alternative. If you want to make videos with as little wobble as possible, you can’t ignore the smartphone. In the test, we also liked the clear and responsive user interface, which seems less cluttered than that of some of its competitors. One disadvantage, however, is that the case is not waterproof. Alternative: The OnePlus 9 Pro is around 100 euros more expensive, but has this feature, can be charged inductively and has a better telephoto camera. However, the gimbal video stabilization is missing.

Vivo X60 Pro: price, release

The Vivo X60 Pro has been available from specialist retailers since the beginning of June 2021 at a price of 799 euros. In the month of its release, it should get a lot of attention, for example through advertising banners on the sidelines of games of the 2021 European Football Championship.



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