ViewSonic M2e in the test: compact projector with streaming problems

Large televisions with 65 inches and more are becoming more and more popular, which is not only due to modern technology, but also to the meanwhile moderate prices. But for large-area viewing enjoyment, it does not have to be the latest screen, often compact projectors are sufficient – such as the ViewSonic M2e. COMPUTER BILD explains how well the portable projector holds up in the test.

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ViewSonic M2e: stylish design

The square ViewSonic M2e has a side length of just 18.4 centimeters, and with a height of 5.5 centimeters it is hardly noticeable. The design is minimalist, there are speakers next to the lens, and slots on the side to allow the warm air to escape. On the back you will find all possible inputs and outputs in addition to the power button and power supply. ViewSonic enables wired playback via USB-C for computers and HDMI for Blu-ray players, DVD recorders or game consoles. Interfaces for USB sticks and microSD cards are also built in. Of course, wireless is also possible: users can conveniently connect their smartphones or tablets via WiFi including Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.
ViewSonic M2e
The ViewSonic M2e is small, square and easy to transport.

Lush equipment with problems

On paper, the ViewSonic M2e actually has everything your heart desires on board – even including streaming apps. Unfortunately, some of the advantages of the equipment fizzled out in the test: The projector works with a very old Android version without a Play Store. Therefore, the app selection is limited to little more than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. And they turned out to be inoperable and unusable in the test. If you want to stream, you’d better plug in a Fire TV or Chromecast. Alternatively, Blu-ray players and game consoles can also serve as feeders. There is even a USB-C port for computers. The supplied remote control impresses with its simple handling and clear labeling, but communication between the input bar and the projector was also hesitant. Worse still: The flat program and volume buttons tend to get stuck when pressed, which means that the sound either completely silenced in a few seconds or started to make noises.
The ViewSonic M2e is easy to use, only the apps are best ignored.
The ViewSonic M2e is easy to use, only the apps are best ignored.

ViewSonic projector: colorful appearance

And yet the ViewSonic M2e convinced in the test. Why? Very simple: The picture of the little all-rounder was really fun after a short set-up. Auto-keystone for a keystone correction and auto focus for a sharp image ensure an ideal experience, even if the camera is tilted or misaligned. The colors are reproduced vividly and naturally, movements run smoothly, the sharpness is okay thanks to Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels). Only the contrast is a bit weak. The brightness is very decent for the size of the projector, so that the room does not have to be completely darkened. But as always, the darker the room, the better the picture. In total darkness, 2-meter-wide images are still possible with decent luminosity. Pleasing: The ViewSonic M2e is even suitable for gaming, because there are no noticeable delays between input and image.

Better not without an external audio output

The ViewSonic M2e has its own loudspeakers with a balanced sound. However, the maximum volume is only enough for short distances to the audience. Bass is also virtually non-existent, which is particularly disillusioning in action scenes. Thanks to the media player with its many audio codecs, the projector can theoretically be used as a jukebox. However, the technology easily drowns out itself, because the fan is a bit loud at 33 decibels when it is in full operation. If you want great sound in addition to a large screen, you can use the stereo output on the back or connect a Bluetooth box.
ViewSonic M2e
The ViewSonic projector brought colors to the wall, the best basic setting is the film image mode.

ViewSonic M2e review: conclusion

Handy, quickly ready for use and shining: The ViewSonic M2e impressed in the test with its portable size and versatile equipment. Only the streaming apps are no good. The picture is nice and bright and the content is displayed sharply after fine adjustment. Even the built-in speakers are okay for such a small projector. Anyone who occasionally wants to watch films, sports events or even games in a big way has come to the right place with the M2e from ViewSonic.



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