Videos with dangerous driving maneuvers: TikTok sets warning marks

Video platforms on the Internet are teeming with videos in which the cocky ones exhaust the driver assistance functions of their cars. The TikTok platform has now reacted to this and provides such films with warnings. For example, a callsign warning about one of them says “The actions in this video could result in serious injury.” Video by TikTok user tastyteslas. He likes to keep his fingers off the Tesla steering wheel while driving on a busy highway in the bend in order to demonstrate “full self driving” and films it. Among other things, TikTok’s community guidelines stipulate that dangerous games, tests of courage or stunts as well as the improper use of vehicles should not be posted. Apparently not all videos in which the car “drives alone” are included. Also, not all such videos are provided with warnings, as documented by the platform The Next Web. Tesla itself published a video two years ago in which a Model 3 performs various driving maneuvers on public roads in self-driving mode. A Tesla driver recently died in an accident on a US highway who had previously posted videos showing Tesla’s “autopilot” driver assistance system. Here, as after other accidents with Teslas, US authorities are investigating. (anw)
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