Vernazza von Arozzi in the test: Everything tutti in Sweden?

Arozzi Vernazza in the test ©, Arozzi, COMPUTER BILD

Vernazza by Arozzi put to the test: the charmer among gaming chairs.

The Vernazza comes with firm fabric upholstery that is also easy to touch. The pressure distribution on the seat is more balanced than that of the test winner. The cushions to support the back and neck are, however, a bit cheap. And the chair is not for broad shoulders.


  • Neatly processed
  • Good hold
  • Pressure distribution okay


  • Sit a little too low
  • Armrests processed quite cheaply

Test rating from the editors


A.rozzi Vernazza – anyone who thinks of a fine wine on a mild summer evening on a Tuscan terrace by this name is definitely thinking of the wrong side of Europe. Better to think of moose, deep forests and long winters: The Swedish manufacturer Arozzi has gaming tables and lots of PC accessories as well as some gaming chairs up its sleeve. The Vernazza is a special chair because its fabric is soft and, in contrast to many synthetic leather competitors, it is air-permeable! What else does this seat, which is predestined for gamers, have on it?

Arozzi Vernazza: Not for tanks

Gamers should know: A gaming chair not only has to be attractive on the outside, but also functional. However, many forget that not every body type gets along with every chair. A tanky final boss with 1.90 meters and tens of kilos will not be happy with the narrow backrest of the Arozzi Vernazza. This is also due to the shape of the racing seat with wings that are actually supposed to provide support. Just don’t support them when the gamer’s shoulder is on them. And that is also the biggest problem of the Vernazza, because its rather large seat depth (52 centimeters) requires long legs if four fingers are to fit between the edge of the seat and the knee – as recommended by various experts. Important if several people use the chair: Then the seat height mechanism (lift) should have a lot of leeway. This is the only way to adapt the chair to the needs of people of different sizes. The Vernazza is 47 to 55 centimeters. You don’t have to be a magician with many intelligence points to notice: The Vernazza is more of a chair for narrow villains up to 1.80 meters.

What is a good gaming chair?

Even if a chair gets top marks, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every buyer. Why? Every body is different, so desk abusers must choose a chair that fits their anatomy. The following points, among others, are decisive:
  • Seating comfort: How comfortable is the chair? Is the pad soft or hard? What about ergonomics and how well can it be adjusted to personal needs?
  • Service: Is the chair easy to use? How many setting options does it have?
  • Quality: How valuable is the chair?

Arozzi Vernazza Soft Farbic

Arozzi Arozzi Vernazza Soft Farbic
  • Neatly processed
  • Good hold
  • Sit a little too low
  • Armrests processed quite cheaply

Lordosis: only pillows, but good ones

Also important: like Ork and Elf, humans also have two natural curvatures in the cervical and lumbar spine, which are known in technical terms as lordosis. Gaming chairs should fill these curves and thus relieve the muscles and prevent tension. Chairs like the Hero by Noblechairs do this best, because they have rotating mechanisms that the seated person can use to adjust the chair to their lordosis. Other manufacturers use very simple pillows that push more than support. The Arozzi does that better with its high quality pillows. And the neck? Here the Arozzi stands out positively again, as its pillow also supports the neck on the side. However, the armrests are a bit narrow and wobbly. There are minus points for this.

Pleasant fabric

The most important factors for ergonomics are the seat surface, seat height, seat depth, armrests and lumbar supports. But none of this says anything about the general seating comfort. The Arozzi feels valuable and pleasant. The pads are firm without being unnecessarily hard. The shell of the Vernazza is slightly indented in stronger people, so the weight can be more difficult to distribute. Light gamblers sit much more comfortably here. The pressure point measurements confirm the impression. Wait, pressure point measurements? The company CMV Hoven GmbH from Mönchengladbach has provided the editors with a special seat cushion that is also used by the automotive industry. The so-called BPMS system measures the pressure distribution of the body on the contact surfaces, the associated software displays the results in a 3D image. The results show how well the weight is distributed on the chair. Which in turn allows conclusions to be drawn about comfort. The red area shows where the greatest pressure is created.

Material stays cool

You can work up a sweat while gambling. This is not only due to the exciting games and the high level of concentration, but also to the material of the seating. The seat cushions of many artificial leather chairs are impermeable to air. The result: Heat builds up and so sitting down can suddenly turn into a sweaty affair. This is not only uncomfortable for gamers, but also affects the material in the long run. Not so with Vernazza, whose fabric is permeable to air. Our heat test shows how well this works: We used a thermal imaging camera to determine how hot the chair gets after sitting for ten minutes and how much it cools down after three minutes. The Vernazza is a cool guy who doesn’t adapt to the body temperature of its owner, even in heated game situations: He warmed up to 36 degrees and cooled down to 31 degrees in three minutes. This is a good result, comparable stools get hot faster and cool down more slowly.

The conclusion: Arozzi Vernazza in the test

The Vernazza comes with firm fabric upholstery that is also easy to touch. The pressure distribution on the seat is more balanced than that of the test winner, but the cushions for supporting the back and neck are a bit cheap. And the chair is not for broad shoulders. So if you’re more of a shadow runner than a high-constitution guy, you’d better be enthroned here. All in all, the Vernazza came out of the test as the price-performance winner at just under 370 euros.

* The cheapest price may be higher in the meantime.




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