Valorant: Everything about the new Fracture card

The newest card from Riot Games’ shooter “Valorant” is called Fracture. So far, background stories to the cards have been in short supply, but with Fracture the makers are opening a new chapter. The card came into play on September 8, 2021, together with episode 3, act 3.

Fracture map rotation

Fracture (formerly Canyon) is an H-shaped map that is split in the middle. A lush jungle stretches out on one side and an almost endless desert on the other. To explain this climatic division, Brian Yam, lead artist at Riot Games, explains that the team wanted to create a visual separation between the two sides of the map. This is therefore due to an accident that messed up the timeline of the story. To spice things up, the developers decided to change the rotation of this map. The defenders spawn in the middle, the attackers on either side of the map.

Fracture inspired by Lord of the Rings

While the look of the map seems rather futuristic, its origin is inspired by the battle for Helm’s Deep from “The Lord of the Rings”. Specifically, the climax of the battle is meant, in which Aragorn and Théoden go into attack against the orcs, while Gandalf and the riders of Rohan fall in the rear of the enemy. True to the motto: from the defensive to the offensive. This new look at the tactical nature of “Valorant” not only enriches the gameplay but also the story. According to David Nottingham, Creative Director at Riot Games, Fracture should bring the “other world” closer to the players and show them the conflict between the two earths.
Valorant fracture
The structure of the new card is completely different.

Interactive elements and content

Fracture is the first card in “Valorant” to be based in the USA. Part of it can also be found in real life – in the form of the Diablo Canyon Recreation Area in New Mexico. The interactive objects on the map reveal more about the history of the game and offer more and more content with each patch, Nottingham confirms. Two of them are in the buying phase on either side of the reactor at the defenders spawn point. It is about e-mail traffic between K-SEC, Ruben Pontes and Oran McEneff. The first email includes a welcome message from K-SEC to Oran McEneff for his visit to the facility called “Everrett-Linde”. The second message is about the Radianite Collider, in which Oran McEneff expresses his concern about Ruben Pontes. A third interactive element is located at the “A-gate” on the attacker’s spawn side in the form of a black-glowing ball. There is the security clearance card from Kingdom employee Paul Delmann. According to Joe Lansford, a level designer on Valorant, this is just the beginning of the story’s interactive narration.



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