Uppspel: Ikea sells gaming furniture with Asus

The furniture store chain Ikea is expanding its own gaming range this year. Together with hardware manufacturer Asus, the Uppspel collection was created with branding of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand, including the cheaper offshoots Huvudspelare, Utespelare, Matchspel, Gruppspel and Lånespelare. In the future, Ikea will sell at least one desk and matching chairs within all collections. The heart of the Uppspel arrangement is an electrically height-adjustable desk that is 80 cm deep and 180 cm wide. Heights from 72 to 120 cm can be set on the control panel, including four predefined profiles. For a change, users can also work standing at their desks. So far, Ikea has only sold its gaming furniture in China. The Uppspel desk costs the equivalent of around 515 euros there, making it one of the cheaper representatives of its kind with electrical height adjustment. If you don’t like the plastic plate, you can order the frame with motor and mount your own plate. In a bundle, Ikea has paired the Uppspel desk with a black and red Matchspel office chair, which with a mesh backrest looks significantly slimmer than traditional gaming chairs. However, Ikea does not seem to incorporate a back-friendly synchronous mechanism.
(Image: Ikea)
The other product range includes wall brackets with ROG logos for attaching peripherals – such as a headset, a controller, charging cable or replacement keyboard -, drawer trolleys and cup holders that can be attached to the desk. According to the English-language blog, Ikea plans to start international sales of gaming furniture in October 2021. The German company blog confirms that they will also be introduced in Germany in autumn 2021. According to Ikea, the products are not limited editions; the sale is to run for an indefinite period. (mma)
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