Transparent: Tantot shows everything on Instagram

Mathilde Tantot © Instagram

Hardly anything remains hidden: Mathilde Tantot presents herself in transparent underwear.

E.Rotic images have long been commonplace on Instagram. Models such as Julia Rose, Viking Barby and Emily Knight present themselves in a provocative way every day in the photo network belonging to Facebook and explore the limits of what is allowed. It is not uncommon for them to scarcely scratch the pornography and thus miss a possible ban. But their willingness to take risks pays off: The Insta-Nackedeis lure millions of followers to their pages, on which they often advertise their paid adult portals. But hardly any of the women is as successful as Mathilde Tantot from France.

Clothed and yet somehow naked

The 26-year-old gathered a whopping 9.2 million followers on her Instagram account and regularly received seven-digit likes for her pictures. To keep her fans interested, the young woman lets herself be carried away by all sorts of particularly provocative photos. That these are not deleted by Instagram’s algorithms is quite remarkable in view of their recent posts. In a series of recent photos, Tantot presents himself on the balcony of a city apartment. She wears underwear on the recordings, so from a formal point of view she is well dressed. Her panties and top don’t hide much though. The reason: The model’s laundry is completely transparent!

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Twice as sexy: the model has a twin sister

And so it doesn’t even take a touch of imagination to get an idea of ​​Tantot’s breasts and bottom. It is not the first time that the French woman dares to appear in front of the camera in a translucent look. Your account is full of similar images. In some of them, she does without underwear entirely and only hides her most intimate parts of the body through skillful poses. How long are you going to let Instagram get away with that? Can’t get enough of looking at the model despite the wide range of pictures? Then take a look at the account of Pauline Tantot – Mathilde’s twin sister, who looks very similar to her and follows the same business model.



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