TP-Link HomeShield: Cooperation with Avira


HomeShield protects the entire home network

In order to guarantee the gateway security of intelligent devices, the provider of WiFi products TP-Link has now teamed up with Avira. Together they developed the HomeShield security suite. As the name suggests, HomeShield is a protective shield for the home network. It provides reliable real-time protection for smart home devices, parental control settings and more. Based on Avira’s AI technology, HomeShield starts securing the router to the house and thus protects the entire home network with all connected devices. “Avira is honored to be working with TP-Link to bring faster, more secure wireless routers to market that target both consumers and Internet service providers. The connected world is changing faster than ever before – and by if we combine our SafeThings technology with TP-Links router expertise, we can protect people even more effectively “, says Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

Complete protection for the smart home

HomeShield protects all connected devices in the home network from external and internal attacks and blocks incoming threats with a filter for negative content. HomeShield identifies and blocks suspicious behavior of individual devices and marks invasive tracker activities within the network. Its DDoS protection prevents devices from hooking into malicious botnets and being used to deliberately remove websites from the Internet. In combination of the router expert TP-Link with Avira’s security experience, HomeShield protects your entire network against known security gaps.



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