TomTom: future navigation in the cloud

TomTom’s navigation software, which is popular with car manufacturers, has brought a major function update that OEMs can now use for the next generation of navigation systems. The end user will not be able to try out these systems for a few years. The biggest innovation: cloud navigation. The TomTom Cloud calculates the routes and sends them to the car via the cellular module. As with existing systems of this kind, this will mostly be used as a hybrid solution: online navigation with network coverage, onboard navigation when starting in the underground car park. However, for devices with very weak hardware, there is a pure cloud navigation that does not require a large map memory. Like Google Maps, the device then only buffers the current route to avoid dead spots. TomTom offers the voice control systems Amazon Alexa, Houndify and Cerence (ex: Nuance). Here, too, hybrid solutions will mostly go into series production, as with navigation, the options range from “only online” to “only offline”. TomTom’s NavKit2 separates the user interface (UI) and the functional software (including rendering maps) so that OEMs can choose to use their own UI or that of TomTom.
Suggestions and colorful traffic flow indicator (Image: TomTom)
Another must-have: TomTom integrates a dynamic electric car charging planner into the routing that knows the occupancy, power and availability of all charging points, then plans an optimal route and automatically adjusts it if, for example, the driver was driving faster than expected. TomTom writes the source code in the classic way in C ++ (Cross Platform). There is a port for the usual infotainment operating systems, above all Linux, QNX and TomToms for 10 years (including in their handheld devices) primary OS, Android. When Google releases the navigation segment in Android Automotive OS, there should be a TomTom offer there soon. The first three production cars with the new system are already in development. However, TomTom is not allowed to name the manufacturers.
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