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1 Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine
Bendy and the Ink Machine has a cult following – it’s one of those horror games that quickly found traction. Bendy is a Disney-esque character who seems to have come to life, haunting the studio where he was created. You are one of the original creators, and after some time away, have been drawn back by the letter of your past co-worker. Once inside the studio however, you’ve found yourself trapped and you must find your way out without disturbing the characters lurking in the shadows.

2 Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter

Developer: Scott Games Publisher: Scott Games Genre: Simulation
Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 takes you out of your job and brings the horror to your home. All of the monsters that have been in the other games; Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy – and some new characters – are waiting for you at home. You play as a child in this game, who needs to try to watch all of the doors to your room as well as under your bed, using your flashlight to scare off the other characters. You’ll need to listen and move carefully, as if something ends up coming to close, moving your light onto them will result in your demise.

3 Eyes – the horror game

Developer: Paulina Pabis Publisher: Paulina Pabis Genre: Action
Eyes - the horror game
Eyes is labeled as a horror game – and it is one full of jumpscares. This game is a survival horror game where you will always feel like you are being watched, with ghosts and ghouls chasing you as you attempt to escape rooms in a house that seems to have been abandoned a long time ago. The screen is dark, jumpscares are terrifying, and the gameplay is one full of horror and that slight feeling of bad things ahead.

4 Slendrina: The Cellar 2

Slendrina: The Cellar 2
Slendrina: The Cellar 2 is a Slenderman inspired game where you need to find 8 old books that have been lost inside a spooky old cellar. These books are protected by Slendrina, of course, but this game also contains her baby and her mother – looking to stop you in your tracks. The cellar isn’t very straight forward, you’ll need to find keys to unlock doors if you want to find all of the books that are hidden! Be careful, Slendrina is watching.

5 Sentence

From the creators of I Am Innocent comes this new psychological thriller where you need to find out what is going on in a small town, where girls are being kidnapped and murdered. The police have a suspect, but is he really the right person? You will need to make choices that challenge your morals and emotions, understand relationships, deal with memories from the past, and so much more. This game is scary to follow and much more than a normal detective mystery.

6 Simulacra

SIMULACRA is another lost phone horror game, where you find the phone of a woman named Anna. The phone contains a video message that seems to be a cry for help, but as you try to use the phone to understand what is going on, the phone continues to glitch and act strange in your hands, and to make matters worse her friends and family have no idea where she is. You will need to use this phone to piece together what is going on and hopefully find out what happened to Anna.

7 Smiling-X 2

Smiling-X 2
After escaping from Smiling-X, you have decided to help the resistance against Corporation X, but there are much deeper issues with Corporate X than you would have ever guessed. From evil robots to creepy hunters, there are a lot of monsters to try and run from while you move around the sewers beneath the town. You need to recruit more people to join your team, fight back against the enemies, and hopefully end up overthrowing them! Despite the feeling like there might be a jumpscare, this game is jumpscare free.

8 Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune is one of those scary games that leaves you with a feeling of unease, instead of straight horror. Little Misfortune is a young girl who is going to die today, according to the narrator that is telling you about the world. You must guide Little Misfortune on an adventure through this strange, slightly cruel world, while you figure out what exactly is going on and if this narrator is to be trusted. It’s creepy, spooky, and great for this time of year.

9 Hidden Objects Halloween Games – Haunted Holiday

Hidden Objects Halloween Games – Haunted Holiday
Instead of finding games full of terror and jumpscares, if you are looking for something that’s fun and has a Halloween twist, Hidden Objects Halloween Games – Haunted Holiday is a wonderful game to bring the Halloween spirit to you without all the terror. This is a polished game where you can find hidden objects in each of the cute yet Halloween-themed scenes. This game is quite child friendly and just is nice to play.

10 Solitaire Halloween Game

Solitaire Halloween Game
Following the not-so-scary theme, Solitaire Halloween Game is a Halloween themed Mohjong Solitaire game where you just need to find a matching card, tapping them both, to then eliminate them from the screen and view more of the cards underneath them. It’s a simple game that I am sure you have played before, but this time with a Halloween twist – which is fun if you enjoy the main game it’s based off of but want a bit of Halloween in your life.



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