The GLA with electric drive: electric compact SUV Mercedes EQA 250

Mercedes-Benz presents the EQA, an electric compact SUV. In addition to the high demand for such cars, there is another reason for the design: It is easier to find space for the battery with an already tall structure. As the EQC 400 (test) is derived from the GLC, the EQA shares the platform with the GLA. The engineering work of this car in terms of insulation and aero efficiency benefits the EQA: a cW.-The value of 0.28 helps to keep the additional consumption of the larger SUV frontal area of ​​2.47 m² within limits. In addition to the aero optimized in the simulation, acoustically decoupling bearings of the engine and chassis (rolling noise!) Help to keep the cabin quiet. Wolfgang Gomoll from Press-Inform has already driven an EQA pre-series car and reports a “impressive silence even for an electric vehicle” during the journey. The first variant “EQA 250 Edition 1” for from 47,541 euros comes with 66.5 kWh of usable battery capacity, which should be sufficient for 426 km WLTP range. Mercedes names the technical key data of the battery with 190 Ah and 420 volts, the theoretical gross capacity is accordingly 79.8 kWh. In the combined WLTP consumption it should be 17.7 kWh / 100 km. The outdated NEDC values ​​for comparability: 486 km and 15.7 kWh / 100 km. Extrapolated from experience: The EQA probably manages motorway stages with a maximum of 130 km / h from 250 to 300 km to target voltages at the charging station of 10+ percent State of Charge (SoC).
Edition 1 in “digital white” with lots of bling. (Image: Daimler)
As usual, an eco-assistant helps to get the greatest range out. A heat pump is part of the standard equipment. Among other things, it can use the waste heat from the engine as a heat source. As with Hyundai’s E-GMP or Porsche, a cooled / heated partition plate under the battery cells ensures temperature control and thermal insulation. The top speed is 160 km / h. The EQA 250 has front-wheel drive with 140 kW maximum boost power and 375 Nm maximum torque from an asynchronous motor. An all-wheel drive version with over 200 kW boost power is being planned. In the interior, the EQA offers the standard, large expansion level of the MBUX in Edition 1, as it is already known from the current A-Class: two widescreen screens behind a continuous glass pane as a speedometer and infotainment display; Best in class voice control. The grace of later birth: the EQA’s navigation system includes dynamic, adaptive charging planning in route planning. In addition to topography and current driving data, the system also includes traffic and weather in the planning. As with Tesla, the navigation system should give tips like “if you want to reach your destination without charging, you have to drive 110 km / h”.
MBUX as standard in the first version presented in the A-Class: two wide screens side by side under a pane of glass. (Image: Daimler)
Mercedes “Me Charge”, which subsidizes electricity from Ionity columns to 29 cents / kWh, is the ideal charging service for new customers. The optimal DC charging time of 10 to 80 percent SoC is 30 minutes, the maximum charging power is 100 kW. The technical documents suggest a maximum possible charging power of 120 kW – perhaps as a short power peak that Daimler did not want to state as charging power in order to avoid confusion or disappointment. When route guidance with charge planning is activated, the battery management system (BMS) pre-sets the temperature of the battery so that it can be charged quickly, see Porsche, see Tesla. On top of that, Mercedes also has a solution for quick charging stops without route planning: The BMS uses charging column power to heat the battery so that the charging stop is faster overall. Both strategies have a significant influence on the practical charging performance in winter. For AC charging, the EQA has a three-phase charger with an output of 11 kW as standard.
This Mercedes was also quite wide. For comparison: the current Porsche 911 is only 3 mm wider (both without mirrors). (Image: Daimler)
As is typical for Mercedes, there is a comprehensive range of safety equipment, both active and passive, with many new features from other models, such as the automatic creation of an emergency lane for the traffic jam pilot. The battery contains a lot of safety technology with early shutdown / disconnection, a clearing blade at the front and a crash frame around the outside. Good news: Daimler sells an electrically foldable trailer coupling for the EQA 250 as an option, at least for a trailer load of 750 kg and approval for a bicycle rack. The upcoming all-wheel drive variants should offer “even more” towing capacity. A trailer ESP program also helps ensure safety. In addition to the asynchronous machine on the front axle, the coming all-wheel drive models will have a permanent magnet synchronous motor in the rear e-axle. This saves installation space and increases efficiency. The aim of the all-wheel drive is then to drive the rear axle and drag it along at the front for the purpose of optimized consumption. (cgl)
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