Telekom Speedport Smart 4 in the test: super fast with WiFi 6?

If you book a tariff with Deutsche Telekom, you can rent or buy a suitable router directly from the provider. While the Telekom markets the Speedport Smart 4 Plus in connection with fiber optic connections, the Speedport Pro Plus gives the DSL Internet a cellular boost with its hybrid function. Users who get the Internet via DSL, do not want to connect too many devices via WLAN and do not need the hybrid function, on the other hand, are at the right address with the Speedport Smart 4. Was the router able to convince in the test?

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Speedport Smart 4 in the test: Really high speed

The Speedport Smart 4 transmits via the new WLAN standard Wifi 6 (WLAN-ax). In addition to optimizing the WLAN management, this brings more speed. In the test, the router was very fast: in the 5 gigahertz frequency band, it managed a maximum of 1,548 megabits per second (Mbps) – significantly more than the powerful FritzBox 7590, which in turn is slightly faster at 2.4 gigahertz. In practice, the high Speedport speed can only be achieved with a few end devices, but the router also supplies several devices with data more quickly at the same time.
In order to connect a device via Wifi 6, it must also master the standard. Other devices communicate with the router using an older standard such as WLAN-ac (Wifi 5) or WLAN-n (Wifi 4) – the Telekom device also has them on the box. This is a good thing: at 2.4 gigahertz and over a greater distance, the older standards with some technology – such as the Asus WLAN PCI card with four antennas per frequency range used in the test – offer more speed, as Wifi 6 devices up to now radio with a maximum of two antennas. So it’s great that the Speedport Smart 4 also accelerates with WLAN-ac and -n. But who needs so much speed? After all, no more than 250 Mbps are possible via DSL. The reasons: The new router thus achieves a higher speed than its predecessor even at most of the remote measuring points. In addition, there are more and more fast fiber optic connections. In some buildings, fiber optic internet is distributed in the house via LAN. With its 2.5 Gigabit LAN socket, the Smart 4 is better prepared for this than the Smart 3.
Telekom Speedport Smart 4
The Speedport Smart 4 has a particularly fast LAN connection.

Speedport Smart 4 in the test: clever mesh

Up to five Telekom repeaters can be connected to the Smart 4 – both the new Telekom Speed ​​Home WLAN and the older Speed ​​Home Wifi are ideal. Coupling the router and repeater is child’s play: all you need to do here is press a button on both devices for the repeater to take over the WiFi settings.
If the owner distributes the repeaters throughout the house, they ensure seamless WLAN. Together, routers and repeaters optimize WLAN connections through clever functions – also known as “mesh”. In this way, they always connect end devices in the fastest frequency (band steering) and with the telecom WLAN station with the strongest signal (access point steering). Thanks to multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO), you can exchange data with several suitable end devices at the same time. However, if you do not use a Speedport router as a basis, you need at least two Speed ​​Home repeaters to use the mesh functions – one of the repeaters then serves as the basis.
Telekom Speedport Smart 4
Telekom pays attention to sustainability in the housing and packaging and has used recycled plastic, for example.

Speedport Smart 4: Integrated smart home base

Like its predecessors, the Speedport Smart 4 can be used as a control center for “Magenta SmartHome”. It connects the corresponding devices via DECT-ULE; The standards Zigbee and Homematic IP (30 euros each) and Schellenberg (40 euros) can be retrofitted using a USB radio stick. With the other functions, the Speedport Smart 4 sometimes looks pale. With the parental controls, for example, only time and total time-based usage periods can be set – there is no block for websites. And if you want to block phone numbers, you have to make the setting via the Telekom customer center, this does not work via the router menu – cumbersome.

Telekom Speedport Smart 4: price and release

The Telekom Speedport Smart 4 is already available. The router can be bought from the provider for 169.99 euros or rented for 5.95 euros per month. You can get the device on the open market for a price from 135 euros (all prices as of September 20, 2021).



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