Telekom Speedport Pro Plus: First DSL router with Wi-Fi 6


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Speedport Pro Plus: WiFi speed and features

The Telekom Speedport Pro Plus uses twelve antennas for WiFi connections at 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. That’s a lot: Most DSL top models like the FritzBox 7590 have a maximum of eight antennas. The router can theoretically achieve up to 9,600 megabits per second (Mbps). In addition to Wi-Fi 6, it also masters common older standards such as WLAN-ac and WLAN-n. For connections with Wi-Fi 6, devices must also have the new standard on their box. The router has two USB ports (USB 3.0), four LAN ports with gigabit speeds (one optionally available as a WAN port for connecting to an existing modem (router)), two TAE ports for analog telephones and one S0 connection for old ISDN devices. The integrated DECT base connects up to five cordless telephones.
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Hybrid router with a smart home base

Like the “regular” Speedport Pro, the Speedport Pro Plus is suitable for Telekom’s hybrid option. That means: he can not only establish the Internet connection via DSL or cellular network, but also bundle the speed of both accesses in one tariff. Anyone who has a slow DSL line, for example, gets a speed boost via LTE. The Speedport Pro Plus is suitable for “Magenta SmartHome” and connects smart home devices via WLAN, DECT-ULE and ZigBee. The standard repertoire can be expanded to include HomeMatic IP using an optionally available radio stick.
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Unusual: the Telekom Speedport Pro Plus is higher than most of its kind.

Features of the Speedport Pro Plus

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Telekom Speedport Pro Plus: First assessment

Telekom Speedport Pro Plus: price and release

The Telekom Speedport Pro Plus is already available. With the provider, customers either pay a rental price of 9.70 euros per month or a purchase price of 389.92 euros. The device is not available in free trade, but since all other current telecom routers are also available from online retailers, competing offers should only be a matter of time.



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