Take a peek at aespa’s appearance in the upcoming ‘Knowing Brother’ Episode

The ‘Knowing Brother‘ program has released footage of the episode starring AESPA members. At the end of Saturday’s episode (16/10), the ‘Knowing Brother‘ program gave a little snippet of the appearance of the four AESPA members in next week’s episode. In this episode footage, aespa members performed their popular song entitled ‘Next Level’ and greeted the members of ‘Knowing Brother‘. Fans can also see NingNing’s performance when parodying scenes from the popular Netflix series, ‘Squid Game‘. NingNing then showed off her vocal skills, Karina with her solo dance performance, Winter with her comedy acts, to Giselle with her English skills. While waiting for the ‘Knowing Brother‘ episode, starring AESPA members, take a look at the trailer below!



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