Steam cleaner at Lidl: two models on offer

Steam cleaners at Lidl: two models on offer At Lidl, steam cleaners are also part of the online and occasionally in-store range.  © Lidl, Knapp

At Lidl, steam cleaners are also part of the online and occasionally in-store range.

D.reck arises quickly and some people stick to it. Steam cleaners declare war on stubborn dirt. On top of that, cleaning is better for the environment as the devices do not require any chemical cleaners. The Bissell Powerfresh Titanium 2113N steam cleaner is currently on offer in Lidl’s online shop for 67.89 euros. If you like it more manageable, you can also get a handheld steam cleaner from Silvercrest for 24.36 euros at the discounter. COMPUTER BILD will briefly present both products, including strong alternatives (all prices – as of October 28, 2020).

Steam cleaner from Lidl: the functions of the Bissell

Strictly speaking, the Bissell Powerfresh Titanium 2113N is a steam broom. The model cleans and disinfects tiles, carpets and laminate, for example. With the rectangular floor cleaning head, large areas can be cleaned quickly and the scrubber attachment is used for stubborn dirt. The tank is filled quickly and the built-in filter removes impurities from the tap water. The steam output can be regulated on the device. The device is ready for use in 30 seconds and emits cleaning steam with an output of 1,600 watts. Two spring breeze fragrance discs in the foot insert ensure a fresh smell. With dimensions of 33x24x116.8 centimeters and around 4 kilograms, the Bissell is relatively compact, but not necessarily light.

Assessment of the Lidl steam cleaner

The Bissell Powerfresh Titanium 2113N offers solid features for just under 67.89 euros plus 4.83 euros shipping. Compared to the Internet competition, Lidl buyers save a few euros despite delivery costs. If the model is sold out quickly at the discounter, the Black + Decker FSM13E1 is out of the Steam cleaner comparison a recommended price tip.

Alternative to the steam cleaner at Lidl

The model is also a steam broom and has a heating output of 1,300 watts. The water tank holds 380 milliliters and the device is ready for use after 25 seconds. According to the manufacturer, the steam escapes for 15 minutes at a maximum temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the base that can be rotated by 180 degrees, the cleaning device can easily be placed under the sofa or wall unit. At 1.8 kilograms, the Black + Decker is a light weight compared to the Lidl product. In addition to the steam cleaner, the scope of delivery includes a washable microfiber cleaning pad. Price: from 54 euros

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To the bargains

Handheld steam cleaner at Lidl and Alternative

But steam cleaners and steam brooms are not really that handy. Handheld steam cleaners are much more handy. Lidl currently has a Silvercrest model in its online offer for 24.36 euros. At around 1.4 kilograms, the device is very light, is easy to use and, according to the manufacturer, reliably removes 99.99 percent of common household bacteria. Thanks to the compact shape and the swiveling nozzle, the model also effortlessly cleans remote corners. The power cable is 4 meters long. The steam escapes from the 250 milliliter water tank at a strength of 2.8 to 3.5 bar. The Lidl handheld steam cleaner is ready for use in three minutes. The scope of delivery includes various nozzles, a window squeegee attachment and more.
Silvercrest handheld steam cleaner © Lidl, Silvercrest

The Silvercrest handheld steam cleaner gets on stubborn dirt.




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