State of Survival MIGO World event brief guide and tips

State of Survival is rolling out the MIGO events to all the servers in different phases. The M.I.G.O. center which is packed with fancy equipment is becoming the center of attraction for this. Players can enjoy the release of brand new content, with new servers added every two weeks.
It’s still in beta so things might change, but it looks like the event will last three months. Month 01 is Strange Blue Light. Month 02 is Lost Hope. Month 03 is Final Hope followed by stay tuned.

How to progress faster on the MIGO station

Inside the M.I.G.O. Center is the station. Upgrading the station increases the number of info players can get (this should probably be the first priority) and the digging speed, as well as qualities such as march speed and restoration speed of components like the supply keys that the players need to dig. Players will need parts like wrenches and screws to upgrade the station. So it is better to get the new exploring sniffing dog ready to go dig more up. Finding one of the dig zones that isn’t crowded is recommended. Some people get mad but others just get even when someone steals their find.
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Info is spent at the M.I.G.O. Store (logistics side) and also comes from regular events like Daily Intel, Reservoir Raid, Alliance Throwdown and Showdown, Survival of the Fittest, and state warfare. It also comes from M.I.G.O. events like Daily Exploration, Supply Hunting Day, or Shadow Exploration. Getting a lot of Info will also get players Glory, which can be used on the Store’s Glory side for skins, frames, and decorations. Those prizes are based on your ranking against other players in a handful of states.

State of Survival MIGO world event tips

  • Players should try getting as close as to 100 percent of the bonus for tasks before they collect the rewards in the center
  • Try Maddie, Mike, and Eli for high damage on the underground exploration
  • When you find a crate, green is good, blue is better, and purple is the best among them. So, let a few green ones get stolen to save keys.
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