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Block, attack

This one is pretty basic – combat is made up of blocking and attacking, and not much else. If you block at the perfect time, you’ll even open enemies up to massive damage. But you might not ever really need to dodge attacks. In fact, many of your attacks will send your character flying forward and moving around the stage – use these attacks just as your opponent is winding up, and you’ll damage them while moving out of their range. This is very good since most enemies can’t attack behind them once their attack animation has begun.

Keeping up with achievements

Believe me, you want all of the fun extras and bonuses you can get with this game so you can keep upgrading your character and your attacks. As such, you need to check the achievements and missions regularly. As you clear through the game ensure to check your achievements and collect all of the items and experience you’ll be rewarded with. This might be weaponry, armour, or upgrades to your attacks. In the early game you won’t find it very difficult to get through stages, but as you progress the small things become more and more important, so get ready with your equipment now.

Extra items

If you’ve been accepting your log-in rewards, achievements, mission completion rewards and more, you’ll start slowly building up a nice backlog of chests to open up. Check the final item category in your inventory, and you’ll find boxes you can open up for instant rewards, and they’re worth it. You have a good chance of finding a Rare weapon, or perhaps something even better, so make sure to open these up when you get them.

Making friends

Friends make everything better. And they can also help you get those achievement rewards. In the lobby, you can actually interact with other players, including hitting them with your attacks. But the best way to go is to be friendly. You can use your variety of emotes to dance and say hello to other players, and then add them from the lobby menu. Having friends on your side will make the game easier in the long run – especially if your friends are regular players, and they help you get those achievements done…



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