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Soccer Manager 2021 is the brand new release in the Soccer Manager series. The game aims to provide an authentic experience of being a real football manager on mobile. While it is great fun having almost all control over your entire club in SM21, it can be a little overwhelming at times, especially if you are new to the series. This Soccer Manager 2021 beginners guide will give you some tips in order to help you achieve success with your club in the game.

Getting your Manager upgraded

The first thing you will have to do when you start playing Soccer Manager 2021 is to choose your manager. There are 3 to choose from:
  • Suit Manager – Gives a financial boost
  • Tactical Manager – Gives a tactical boost
  • Training Manager – Gives a training boost
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
No matter which one you choose, you can still upgrade your manager in each of the categories. Each time you play a match, you will gain Manager XP, which contributes to your level. Reaching a new level will grant you with Manager Points which you can spend on upgrading traits. Make sure to keep on top of this as this will give you huge benefits in-game.

Upgrading your Club

In Soccer Manager 2021, your entire club infrastructure can be upgraded using your cash budget. Each upgrade will take time to be put in place, but it will result in some big benefits for your club.


Each part of the stadium stands can be upgraded in SM21, which will allow for a higher capacity in the game. A larger audience will of course mean more revenue from match tickets. Although upgrading your stadium takes time, these upgrades will boost your seasonal income by quite a bit.

Club Zone

This is the financial center of your club. Here, your upgrades will boost your income in many ways, such as through TV revenue, merchandise, and more. You can upgrade each separate building in the Facility Finances section. Some buildings will boost your income whilst some will help in preventing and recovering from injuries.
Sponsorships are also essential in finances. You can choose from a range of brands to have on your kit sponsors and these will pay you with some good money. All the sponsors vary in duration, installment size, and total earnings. So you can choose if you want a steady income or a quick income boost.

Youth Academy

This is the part of your club where you can grow your own academy players. You can view all the youth players in your academy as well as the stats they currently have. Upgrading this facility will increase your youth squad capacity and boost the stats of the players.
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
Always keep an eye on the youth squad and once ready. It is a good idea to bring a youth player to your squad. If they are promising youngsters who fit in your team, be sure to give them playtime and help them grow into first-team players. If they don’t fit in, you can always use them for squad depth, or you could move them on and make a little money from selling the players.

Scouting Network

This facility allows you to control and upgrade your scouting facilities in Soccer Manager 2021. You can send you club scouts on assignments to find potential players. Upgrading the facility will increase the number of scouts as well as boost their effectiveness. Your scouts will bring in detailed reports on scouted players. You can get to know everything from the scouts – from how good the player is to the exact mentality he has, all can be found in these reports.
Avoid signing players simply going by their stats. Look at the scout report to see how well they would fit into your squad and how likely it is that they would want to join you.

Training Ground

This facility is the area where you will be able to train your squad in various activities as well as see each individual player’s progress. Upgrading the facility will boost the effectiveness of training drills as well as increase the training capacity of your squad.
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
You can look at each individual report to see how well each player is performing. Improving players are more likely to grow whilst declining players are more likely to drop in quality. Always keep a close eye on the match fitness of each individual player. Make sure to keep this at a high value to ensure the players are fit for matches as this will have an effect on their quality.

Soccer Manager 2021 Tips and Tricks: Gameplay Tactics

Tactics are the key to success in Soccer Manager 2021. With the new release, they have been revamped and made much better. Next up in this Soccer Manager 2021 beginners guide are a few tips and tricks to help you in sorting out your squad tactics.

1. Put players in their preferred positions

Sometimes it is a little difficult to put your players in their most preferred positions. Try to do this as best as you can. The best way to do this is by playing each of your squad in their best player role. This will allow the players to fit into the squad better.
Also, whilst signing players, take their preferred role into consideration as this will help you whilst sorting out tactics for your squad.

2. Combine experience with potential

Try to combine the aged players with experience and the young promising players together into your squad. This will boost your team chemistry allowing the squad to play better in-game. It is a good idea to rotate the youngsters in your club but make sure to always have an experienced player there for having a balance in the team.

3. Set the instructions according to your formation

It is a good idea to set your team instructions based on how your squad prefers to play. If you have an abundance of playmakers, you can set a high level of creativity. An abundance of slow-paced players will mean that it is better to set the tempo to a low speed. Do this for all the other tactics as well.
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
You should also take the formation into consideration as well. Try to get a play style sorted out before you set tactics. For example, you may want to play a lot of crosses since you have good Target Man strikers. You will then be able to set your tactics accordingly.

4. Take note of the opposition’s tactics

You are also given a short scout report of your next opposition. You will be given the team’s formation, the key player, and any squad information – injuries and suspensions. Set your tactics considering these as well.
It is always a good idea to try and contain the Key Player as much as possible. This man will most likely be the main danger against your team, so make sure to get your players in a good position to oppose this player.

Soccer Manager 2021 Tips and Tricks: Transfers

Signing new players is a key job for any football manager. Next up in this Soccer Manager 2021 beginners guide are a few tips and tricks here that may help you in finding the best players in the transfer section.

1. Scouting specific players is useful

Apart from setting scouts on assignments, you may want more information about a player you found through searching the transfer section. You can ask someone to scout this player and this will provide you with some very helpful info.
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
However, remember that scouting takes time, only scout if you know that you have enough time. It is very easier for a competitor to steal a player, so keep that in mind while you are in the transfer section.

2. Watch the free agents list for some quality players

The free agents are players without a club who are available for free. All you need to do is sort out the contract details and they will be able to join your club. Every so often, a good quality player can pop up out of nowhere.
Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners guide, SM21 Beginners guide
If they fit into your team and they are willing to join you, you should submit an offer. Look for the youngsters specifically as these players usually have some good potential.

3. Loan offers are always great

Signing players on loan is a great cheap alternative to signing players on a permanent deal. Many clubs will be wanting to send off their youngsters for playtime, you could grab these players if they are useful to you in your squad. Although loan players are not permanent, they are still great alternatives and placeholders for your team.

4. Take advantage of the shortlist feature

You are able to shortlist them, which simply tags them so they are easier to find later on. While searching for players, you should shortlist a few players that fit your criteria. Negotiate with the best option first, but in case if that is not possible, go for the alternative options. They may not be as good, but you can’t always have what you want in SM21.

5. Handle incoming offers properly for a stable team

Clubs may sometimes approach you with various offers for your players. Don’t immediately go for the money as the player you will be selling may be crucial to your squad. You go ahead with the deal only if you feel that you can easily replace the departing player, or you feel that the player is not needed anymore in your team.

6. Watch the player’s Contract expiry

While searching for players, you will be able to filter them by their contract expiry. This will allow you to find the players that are nearing the end of their contract. With this, you will be able to sign players for bargain prices. On the other hand, some players who play till the end of their contract will be released for free. High-value players can appear here sometimes, so keep a very close eye on this section.
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Soccer Manager 2021 Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks



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