Shares under 1 euro: popular penny stocks in 2021


These five penny stocks will be the focus of gamblers in early 2021

  • Relay Medical, in turn, is a Canadian medical technology company based in Toronto that is working on the development of new technologies in the areas of diagnostics and AI data analysis. Relay Medical had positive news about a COVID-19 therapy candidate in January External using technology from Glow LifeTech, a company in which Relay Medical has a significant interest.
  • Upco International also attracted attention at the beginning of January. Within a few days of trading, the share rose 180 percent. The Canadian Companies offers telecommunications and digital services in niche markets worldwide, including services based on blockchain technology. With the Upco Pay app, the company wants to offer messaging and telephony as well as payments.
  • Many speculators are interested in cannabis stocks, such as those of the Canadian company Halo Labs, which grows, extracts, produces and sells high quality cannabis flowers, oils and concentrates. In December the company scored one Record sales. After taking over and strengthening the sales force, the company now wants to further increase sales.
  • Also popular with speculators: hydrogen stocks such as AFC Energy’s paper. The British company markets an alkaline fuel cell system that supplies clean electricity, for example for electric cars. In January the British issued a strategic cooperation met with an international engineering firm to explore the potential of their technology in shipping and rail transport.

What is attractive about penny stocks?

There is a certain fascination with trading penny stocks. The stockbroker Jordan Belfort, for example, whose story is successful director Martin Scorsese with Leonardo di Caprio in the leading role in Wolf of Wall Street (on offer: Buy film on Amazon), rose with the sale of penny stocks. With these stocks under 1 euro, very high commissions sometimes come up to 50 percent compared to trading with standard stocks. At the same time, many of these papers react to news and rumors by leaps and bounds. A lot of investors are eager for the exclusive tip that will make them extremely rich in a short time. Belfort and the broker gang of his company Stratton Oakmont had finally tempted greed to invent statements to stimulate the sale of such papers (here the Film clip on YouTube).

What are penny stocks?

But that does not mean that trading in penny stocks should be demonized in principle. As always on the stock exchange, it is important to understand what you are investing in. So what are penny stocks exactly? In the euro area, the term refers to companies with a share price of less than 1 euro; in the USA, 5 US dollars is the limit to still count as a penny stock. Shares under 5 euros: 5 tips for investing The low value enables investors to invest in large numbers, so that even slight price movements have a strong financial impact. However, the high volatility also means a high risk of loss, which the investor must be able to deal with. Penny stocks are therefore risky and should only constitute a small part of a broadly diversified portfolio.

When does a company become a penny stock?

If a share costs less than 1 euro, there can be several reasons. Risky traders therefore divide penny stocks into four categories:
  1. Ailing companies that have lost value due to mismanagement or competition. After the collapse of the new market in 2001, around 40 of the 343 shares traded on the Neuer Markt had a value of just under one euro. A current example is the share of the now insolvent financial services provider Wirecard, which crashed within a few months following the fraud allegations. In 2020 it cost 145.50 euros at its peak, now it is listed at 50 cents.
  2. Micro caps as a preliminary stage to the more established small caps are mostly young or developing companies with a small market capitalization (50 million to 300 million US dollars). Below 50 million, financial experts speak of nano caps. The correspondingly small trading volume causes a high level of volatility and makes companies highly speculative penny stocks.
  3. Company with an immense number of shares in the share capital. In Asia in particular, it is customary to issue more shares and make the prices so investor-friendly. The share of smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi (NASDAQ: Xiaomi) is around three euros. The Chinese have also issued around 24 billion shares for this purpose.
  4. Companies facing the turnaround that are currently still in a difficult situation and plagued by poor numbers and restructuring costs. However, if the measures take effect, investors can expect profits. One example is the game developer Zynga (NASDAQ: Zynga), who suffered almost 90 percent of its market value in 2012 after financial difficulties and crashed to an interim low of EUR 1.56 in 2016. After the readjustment of the business model, the share is in a long-term upward trend and is now trading at around nine euros.

Costs, options & Co .: The depot comparison

If you want to buy an ETF or shares, you need a securities account. A comparison of the most important providers can be found in the table below, further detailed information in the large depot comparison.

Depot comparison: fees, foreign exchanges & Co.

free depot management Order fees Savings plan fees Mobile trading possible via app German stock exchanges USA and Canada Japan other Direct trade Securities (except stocks, ETFs, funds) Certificates / warrants Bonds CFDs Button link
yes (3 years) 3.90 euros for new customers in the first year, then from 9.90 euros / max. 59.90 euros from 1.5% of the order volume per transaction Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes 3.90 euros for new customers in the first year, thereafter from 9.95 euros / max. 69.00 euros from 1.5% of the order volume per transaction Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes EUR 10 to EUR 10,000 order, then EUR 25 1.50 euros Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yes 2.90 euros for new customers in the first 6 months, thereafter from 4.90 euros + 0.25 market value / max. 69.90 euros from 1.75% of the order volume per transaction Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yes 7.00 euros 1.00 euros No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes 4.00 euros from 0.80 euros No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
no (0.119 percent on deposit volume per year) 3.80 to 5.90 euros No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes 1.00 euros No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
no, from 19.99 euros from 20.00 euros / Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Yes from 9.95 euros from 0.90 euros Yes Yes No No No No Yes No No No

Where can investors trade shares for less than 1 euro?

Stricter rules for investor protection have meant that stocks under 1 euro can no longer be found in the DAX, MDAX or other important indices. Pennystocks are therefore listed in Germany in Open market, the lens segment at the lower end of the requirement scale. There are lower transparency requirements for participants in the Open Market than in the regulated market. For example, they do not have to publish a listing prospectus as in the regulated market. This makes the Open Market attractive for young, growth-oriented but also for medium-sized companies, because a listing is associated with less costs and effort. The downside: What small companies do best increases the risk for investors.
Exchange 2020: New stocks that cause a stir
In addition to buying and selling via the open market, the OTC (Over they C.ounter) known external direct trading possible. In the USA, trading in penny stocks, i.e. values ​​below 5 US dollars, takes place outside the box on the platform of the OTC Market Group. Sometimes there is a skull symbol next to the as a warning to investors Share value. This warning before the investment is necessary because the marked company is suspected of criminal activity or market manipulation.

Important rules for penny stock investors

Before investors invest money in penny stocks, a stock valuation based on company figures and trading volume is recommended. In addition, the invested assets should not exceed personal risk tolerance. It is best to use play money that you do not have to rely on. Investors should beware of stock recommendations in Google ads or emails (stock spam). Behind it are not infrequently little Wolfs of Wall Street who stock up on a penny stick when prices are low, advertise the papers in a big way, and then get out again when prices rise. The other investors then lose out.

Credit card comparison: the best offers in the test

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