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Patch 2.2 of Genshin Impact introduces players to the new island Tsurumi which is full of foggy weather, which makes navigation through the area difficult. The first foray on the last island of Inazuma is the world quest of A Particularly Particular Author, which might be difficult for some players as the mist hinders the free movement of travelers. In this Genshin Impact article, we will give a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Particulary Particular Author quest.

Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest: Prerequisites

To start the quest, players need to converse with Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild in Inazuma City. They should have completed the world quest Seirai Stormchasers. One must follow the quest instructions to reach Tsurumi Island. While in Tsurumi Island, one must remember to activate the Statue of the Seven, as one must encounter it during the pathway to the objective location. On reaching the location, one will see a mysterious kid named Ruu who asks for help by offering three feathers at the perch.
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
Meet the mysterious kid of Ruu near the perch
He will also help you in finding these feathers by marking their location on the mini-map and travelers can also use their elemental sight to locate the feathers. 
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
Feathers splitting from the perch
Players must touch the perch, collect the three feathers and then touch the perch again. After returning to Ruu and his friends, they’ll need to go to the ”ceremonial site”. Look for the priest, Mata. She asks the traveler to make offerings to clear the fog in three different locations. The three locations are Chirai Shrine, near Autake Plains, and near Shirikoro Peak. The order does not matter as the players just need to complete all three.

Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest: Three locations

Autake Plains 

Players must head to the Autake Plain where some Rifthounds are lurking around the perch, where they defeat them to trigger a cutscene. Players generally use elemental sight to find the feathers. This will be followed by leading down to the west from the cliff to find the first feather. Here, travelers will encounter Rifthounds which must be defeated and touch the feather. While traversing through the area, remember to light up the lanterns that are purple to avoid getting lost in the mist.
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
The third feather at Autake Plains
The next feather can be found towards the east. When one approaches it, the feather will head further away towards a thunderstone, equip electrogranum to pass through it, and collect the feather. For the last feather, one must go back to the perch and head southwest. Thus, players will find it on top of a Hilichurl camp.

Chirai Shrine 

The perch is located northeast of Oina Beach. The feathers are close to the tree, but Electro Whopperflowers hounds your movements at nearly every turn. For the first feather, head south and climb the cliff. On reaching in close proximity with the feather it will move away, keep following it and go through the phase gate. 
Touch the feather to return to the perch
The second feather is inside a hole in the ruins, south of the perch. The last perch is west of the hole through which players went to find the second feather. There will be some Rifthound whelps here. Defeating them grants players a common chest. Interact with the feather and head back to the perch to make the offering.

Shirikoro Peak

One must look for Ruu at Shiriko Peak who is inside the cave. It is to be noted that Ruu is not located at the top of the peak. Therefore, there is no need to climb to the top. Instead of combating enemies, this part of the quest is heavily focused on solving puzzles. One must reach for the perch and touch it, which triggers a cutscene scattering the three feathers. The feathers are underwater. To obtain the feathers, players need to lower the level of water by bringing three Seelie’s to their respective courts. The first Seelie is located at the entrance of the cave. For the second Seelie, one must climb up the tree and make it reach its destination. 
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
Seelie in Shirikoro Peak
To reach the location of the last Seelie, one must jump down and glide in the west direction. This will be followed by equipping electrogranum and use the thunder sphere to reach the Seelie court fast. Once all the three seelies are placed, an exquisite chest is spawned and the water level is lowered. The elemental sight is required to find the feathers at the bottom of the newly drained gulley.  While travelers will be able to catch one of the feathers, the remaining two will go through a cave with a spider web on it, eventually making their way through a big door. One must defeat the enemies to be able to solve the puzzle in order to open the huge gate. When facing the round door, if players turn to the left, another chamber will be seen. This will contain the first Relay Stone. Players must take it and place it between the culmination stone and the one attached to the ground to complete the circuit as shown in the image below.
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
Relay Stone placement between the culimination stone and one attached to the ground
They must head back to the entry and pick the two available relay stones. Place the stones so that the stone on the wall and the stone which is engraved on the ground are connected as shown in the image below.
Relay Stone between the wall and the stone engraved on ground
Doing the steps correctly will unlock the mechanism. Using such a mechanism, players can, therefore, open the door. As soon as the door opens, players will notice that a Ruin Guard is standing in their way to the second feather. They must defeat the Ruin Guard and touch the feather. For the third feather, travelers need to solve another puzzle as the feather is locked behind a door. Just like before, players need to complete the puzzle. First, they have to guide the three Seelies back to their Courts. This will drain the water hole nearby and allow you to finish the Relay Stone puzzle.

Location of the three Seelies

The first seelie is in a room right behind the mechanism. The second seelie can be found behind a breakable wall near the half-dome structure while the third seelie is near the broken pillar in front of the entrance to the lair. Placing all seelie’s in their respective courts will unlock the mechanism, which is operating to lower the water level and also spawn an exquisite chest. Players just need to solve one last puzzle to get rid of the fog at Shirikoro Peak. At the bottom, there are three Relay Stone puzzles. Two of them are to the left of the Seelie Court and one to the right. To solve the puzzle, players need to gather Relay stones that are spread across the area to complete the circuit. They must place the relay stone between the stones on the wall and the floor as shown below. 
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
The relaystone must be placed between the stones on the wall and the floor below
Climb up to the broken dome structure to find another relay stone right next to the Remarkable chest.
Relay stone in the half broken dome structure
The first relay stone mus be placed between the Discharge stone and the relay stone attached to the ground. The other relay stone should be placed between the two stones that are engraved to the ground. To place the relay stone, players must correctly jump and deploy the stone when mid-air as shown in the image below.
Genshin Impact Particulary Particular Author Quest
Correctly jump and deploy the stone in mid-air
Once players have done all three locations and the fog has dissipated, they must return to the ceremonial site. After grabbing the Maushiro, they must head back to the location of the boat in which Kama and traveller reached Tsurumi. This is followed with a talk with Sumida to finish the quest and obtain the rewards. They must wait until after server reset to unlock the next quest in the series, Octave of the Maushiro.


  • 50 Primogems
  • 450 Adventurer EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 50,000 Mora

Other acheivement rewards

  • Clearing the fog will partially grant the Wonders of the World achievement, “Traverse the Fog Door.”
  • Completing the quest grants the Wonders of the World achievement, “P—Paimon ate it...”
  • Clearing the fog will also allow the players to walk around the island without any hindrance. Travellers can also use the teleport waypoints allowing players to collect over 10 electroculus scattered around the three areas.
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