Scarra said he had an intervention with Fedmyster and 7 other girls, 6 of whom had allegations against him

Streamer Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan was removed from the OfflineTV home yesterday following sexual misconduct allegations. OfflineTV supervisor Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng and member Lily “LilyPichu” Ki got here ahead and shared their tales of sexual assault involving Fedmyster.  Former League of Legends professional and OfflineTV streamer William “Scarra” Li added final night time that he and 7 different ladies had a three-hour intervention with Fedmyster—and 6 of the women all had allegations towards him. However proper after the intervention, he tried to control the individuals who didn’t take part so he might appear to be the “higher individual,” in accordance with Scarra. “He finally ends up manipulating the reality to make himself look higher in a variety of other ways, in methods you actually don’t must,” Scarra stated. Scarra didn’t present particulars about what was particularly stated in the course of the intervention, but it surely possible handled the harassment allegations and his manipulative method of telling “solely his facet of the story.”
This habits matches what Pokimane stated in her response to Fedmyster’s elimination from the Offline TV home. In keeping with Pokimane, he’d discuss to her and say that Yvonne was “lazy,” “not working sufficient,” and “taking part in League on a regular basis,” giving the impression that she wasn’t doing her job correctly. “This dialogue received to the purpose of us virtually letting Yvonne go from the corporate,” Pokimane stated. “As a result of we thought she wasn’t sufficient in working with us, when in actuality her habits was solely due to the incident that occurred between the 2.” The allegations all have one consider frequent: Fedmyster was allegedly drunk. On one event, Fedmyster allegedly got here residence drunk and climbed into Yvonnie’s mattress. He tried to make advances by putting his hand beneath her shirt, in accordance with Yvonnie. LilyPichu defined in a since-deleted tweet that he additionally went into her room whereas allegedly drunk and requested if she wished a therapeutic massage, which she agreed to. However Fedmyster began to therapeutic massage up her thighs in what LilyPichu stated was an “inappropriate method.”  Yvonnie additionally talked about different members of OfflineTV, comparable to Pokimane, experiencing related conditions with Fedmyster who overstepped boundaries and inappropriately touched them. Fedmyster has responded to the allegations on Twitter and didn’t deny them. He claims it was by no means his intention to harm these concerned within the allegations or to behave in a predatory method.



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