Resident Evil: The Complete Series at Sky and Sky Ticket

It comes with a lot of oomph: In the past few decades, hardly any actress has shaped the action film as much as Milla Jovovich with her appearances as a fighter in the film adaptations of the series “Resident Evil”. She fought six times for the survival of mankind and brought down countless zombies and nasty monsters. From June 4 to 10, 2021, Sky will run all real-life adaptations of the cult series from “Resident Evil” to “Resident Evil – The Final Chapter” on the temporary Sky Cinema Resident Evil (Sky Cinema Special) channel. On top of that, the pay-TV provider shows the three animation hits “Resident Evil – Degeneration”, “Resident Evil – Damnation” and “Resident Evil – Vendetta” – in a loop. All nine strips are also available on Sky Q and the Sky Ticket streaming service.
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Resident Evil: That’s what it’s about

In 2002 “Resident Evil” flickered across the screens for the first time. A virus breaks out in an underground genetic research laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation. Security chief Alice (Milla Jovovich) tries to get things under control, but finds out that the virus turns people into biting zombies. In “Resident Evil – Apocalypse” Alice ends up in Raccoon City, where she saves survivors from advancing zombie herds. In the third part, “Resident Evil – Extinction”, the heroine tries to destroy Umbrella, the company responsible for the incident. That doesn’t work out completely, the boss manages to escape. Thereupon Alice saves herself in “Resident Evil – Afterlife” to Alaska, in order to finally save more survivors from the zombie mob in Los Angeles. In “Resident Evil – Retribution” Alice has to fight her way out of an Umbrella dungeon. In the final fight against the zombie plague, “Resident Evil – The Final Chapter” gives hope in the form of an antivirus. Problem: It’s deep in a bunker. There is only one thing for the job: Alice.

Sky Cinema Resident Evil: How to Watch the Movies

From June 4, 2021, the Sky Cinema Resident Evil pop-up channel will replace the Sky Cinema Special channel. Customers with an active Sky-Q subscription (with a cinema package) do not have to do anything, because the channel automatically appears in the station list. Aside from the linear program, the zombie carnage is available on demand – also with the Sky Ticket streaming service. Don’t have a Sky subscription yet? Then take advantage of the current Sky offer. You can book the combination of entertainment and cinema package (for films and series) for 22.50 euros per month – including HD reception and Sky-Q receiver. In addition to the numerous “Resident Evil” films, you will see all other blockbusters from the Sky range as well as all series, documentaries and shows that the pay TV provider has in its program. From the 13th month the monthly price increases to 27.50 euros – unless you cancel.
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If you don’t want to commit yourself for a long time, that’s no problem. Just book a Sky Ticket. Depending on the ticket booked, you will receive the same content as with a regular Sky subscription, but via internet stream. A Sky Ticket usually runs for a month and can be canceled at any time. The combined ticket “Entertainment & Cinema” costs only 10.99 euros in the first month and 14.99 euros from the second month – unless you cancel. You can use it to watch films, series, documentaries and shows on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Some smart TV models and streaming sticks also offer the Sky ticket app. You can find more exciting content in the streaming highlights of the week at COMPUTER BILD.



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