Rarest Wraith skins in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is stuffed with totally different characters with distinctive talents. However probably the most in style legends within the recreation is Wraith. There are various totally different appears out there for the Interdimensional Skirmisher. Listed below are a few of Wraith’s finest and rarest cosmetics out there within the recreation right now.

Frequent skins

Wraith’s frequent skins will apply a shade change to the trim of her outfit. Whereas it isn’t a considerable distinction, it permits the participant to personalize the character through the use of the colour of their alternative. You will get entry to frequent skins with solely 30 crafting supplies.

Uncommon skins

Wraith’s uncommon skins do the alternative of her frequent cosmetics, providing a change within the design of the primary elements of her armor as an alternative of simply the trim. The uncommon skins supply totally different colours and distinctive textures for every shade. These can all be acquired for 60 crafting supplies.

Epic skins

The epic skins out there for Wraith are a mix of what’s aesthetically out there within the earlier tiers of pores and skin. Epic-tier skins will give Wraith an entire shade change with 5 totally different choices to select from. They’re all value 400 crafting supplies.

Legendary skins

Listed below are a few of the finest and rarest skins out there for Wraith in Apex right now. Legendary skins supply full redesigns of Wraith’s look that aren’t out there in any of the lower-tier skins.

Quarantine 722

Wraith Quarantine 722 – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
This pores and skin feels nearer to actuality in mild of current occasions. Quarantine 722 will see Wraith don a face masks and gloves in addition to an upgraded look to her armor. The colour scheme for this specific pores and skin is sort of completely white with a inexperienced masks and gloves in addition to a purple piece of armor on her chest. This pores and skin is obtainable for 1,200 crafting metals.

Void Specialist

Wraith Void Specialist – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
Void Specialist is just like Quarantine 722, however this pores and skin will recolor Wraith’s armor to pink with black trim. Very similar to the earlier pores and skin, Void Specialist may be acquired for 1,200 crafting metals.

Airship Murderer

Airship Murderer – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
It is a variant of the Void Specialist pores and skin. Airship Murderer requires you to personal the Void Specialist earlier than you should buy it for six,500 legend tokens. Airship Murderer doesn’t supply so much in the way in which of a novel character mannequin, although. Its principal distinction is the colour variant provided that may see Wraith’s armor turn out to be brown leather-based with a gold belt and compass.

Depths of the Void

Wraith Depths of the Void – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
Right here’s one other variant of the character mannequin used within the previously-mentioned legendary skins. Depths of the Void has probably the most distinctive shade schemes. The pores and skin transforms Wraith’s armor right into a cream and yellow with blue trim. Very similar to the Airship Murderer, it will set a participant again 6,500 legend tokens. However to buy it, you’ll must already personal the Quarantine 722 pores and skin.

Marble Goddess

Picture through Respawn Leisure
In case you’re after one thing that may make you stand out in-game, Wraith’s Marble Goddess pores and skin may the one you’re after. This pores and skin transforms Wraith’s character fully into marble with some gold plating on the armor’s trim. The extraordinary nature of the pores and skin’s shade scheme is certain to catch the attention of different gamers in-game. As a part of the Misplaced Treasures assortment, this pores and skin may be acquired for 1,800 Apex cash.

The Liberator

Wraith The Liberator – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
This merchandise affords an entire change to Wraith’s character mannequin. The Liberator will see a Wraith with a shaven head in addition to a change in armor from her extra conventional look. This pores and skin is easy with a grey and black shade scheme. It may be bought for 1,200 crafting metals.

Ultimate Sundown

Wraith Ultimate Sundown – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
With barely extra hair, Ultimate Sundown takes it appears from The Liberator, providing nothing greater than a shade variant. This variant will use orange for Wraith’s armor in addition to black and grey for her pants. You need to personal The Liberator prior to buying this pores and skin. Ultimate Sundown prices 10,500 legend tokens.

Vengeance Seeker

Wraith Vengeance Seeker – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
Vengeance Seeker Wraith affords the same look to the 2 previously-mentioned skins, that includes Wraith’s shaved head look in addition to the change in armor. What’s distinctive concerning the Vengeance seeker, although, is the colour scheme. A standout look amongst Wraith’s out there skins, the purple accents pop in entrance of the mostly-black armor, making this pores and skin probably the most pleasing to the attention. This pores and skin may be acquired with 1,200 crafting metals.


Wraith Flashpoint – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
This pores and skin is a recolor of the Vengeance Seeker. Flashpoint has a novel shade pallet. Nearly all of Wraith’s armor is blue with the highest being white and the underside of the leggings being orange. It’s probably the most drastic and noticeable recolors out there for Wraith. This pores and skin is obtainable for many who personal the Vengeance Seeker for 10,500 legend tokens.

Mistress of Evil

Wraith Mistress of Evil – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
This beauty is part of the Combat or Fright assortment. Mistress of Evil Wraith transforms the character right into a witch. It’s precisely what you’d anticipate from a Halloween pores and skin. Wraith’s pores and skin has modified to inexperienced and her armor has been absolutely reworked to symbolize a conventional witch’s look.

Protector of the Void

Wraith Protector of the Void – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
Right here’s one other event-exclusive merchandise. Protector of the Void Wraith was part of the Iron Crown occasion. The pores and skin affords a totally new look to Wraith. With heavy armor plating, together with giant ought to pads, this search for Wraith sees a change in each her hair shade and elegance. Wraith additionally has some markings on her eyes that aren’t in any of her different skins, providing a novel look to the character.


Voidwalker – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
As a part of its self-titled occasion, the Voidwalker pores and skin will see Wraith geared up with a helmet protecting her head in addition to a streamlined white and black look to her armor. This pores and skin might beforehand be bought for 1,800 Apex Cash.  

Night time Terror

Wraith Night time Terror – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
The Legendary Hunt occasion introduced with it a few of the most original skins within the recreation—and Night time Terror Wraith is not any exception. The pores and skin will see Wraith in a totally new look with a belt and scarf manufactured from what appears to be bones. She’s additionally carrying face paint in addition to holstering a blade on her hip. This pores and skin was out there at degree 15 of the season one battle cross.

Voices from the Previous

Wraith Voices from the Previous – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
This beauty is a slight recolor of the previously-mentioned Night time Terror pores and skin. Voices from the Previous Wraith was launched as a part of The Previous Methods occasion. The modifications are solely within the shade decisions, although. The bones on Wraith’s armor are black on this variant, with the chest piece being modified to a lightweight blue. Wraith’s hair can be brown as an alternative of blonde. Voices from the Previous Wraith may be acquired for 1,800 Apex cash.

Good Soldier

Wraith Good Soldier – Screengrab through Respawn Leisure
That is essentially the most distinctive look out there for Wraith. Good Soldier transforms the character into an android. Her armor is now clean with a purple and purple shade scheme. The pores and skin was out there at degree 25 of the season 4 battle cross. Gamers who managed to safe this one are going to face out among the many remainder of the Wraith followers in-game.



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