PS5 in stock: they are available at Istanbul Airport!

A whole mountain of PS5 consoles, neatly stacked on a pallet in the middle of an open shop. It’s a sight that players in this country can only dream of. The latest Sony bag has been sold out for months and is almost exclusively available online. But they do exist – the places where the PlayStation 5 is in abundance on the store shelves and no one has to fight for the last copy. A gamer on a business trip in Turkey has now discovered such a location. How GamePro reports, the game fan found a shop at Istanbul Airport that has the PlayStation 5 in stock in large numbers. A sent along Evidence photo shows that the retailer is actually exhibiting a whole stack of the coveted devices on his shop floor and offering them for sale. There is nothing to be seen of the euphoric clientele and the crowds – are Turkish gamers not interested in the PS5?

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Trader calls up hefty price

Yes, I suppose so. However, they don’t seem willing to invest huge sums in the console. Because if you look at the price tag of the console, it should take off the shoes of every gamer. The retailer lures with a supposed special offer: instead of 1,199 euros, he currently charges “only” 1,099 euros for the PlayStation 5. For such a price, even some usurious offers on Ebay & Co. are still a bargain. For comparison: the regular price for the PS5 in this country is 499 euros. Price drivers offer the console on online retail portals from around 800 euros. Even by Turkish standards, the airport facilities are hopelessly overpriced. According to the report, the console costs 8,299 Turkish lira by default. That corresponds to about 825 euros. Apart from the fact that traveling in times of the corona pandemic is not recommended anyway, you can save yourself the short trip to Istanbul in view of such prices.



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