Paramount Plus: Streaming Service comes to Germany

HCBS All Access is an American streaming video service. That belongs to the multinational media group ViacomCBS. This same group, based in New York, announced that it would rename CBS All Access to Paramount Plus for the international launch. It should be so far in 2021. Is a real competitor to the top dogs Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus marching onto the market? Which series accompany Paramount Plus?

These series are included

Like the US pioneer, the soon-to-be globally available video-on-demand and live streaming service Paramount Plus will offer a combination of live sports, the latest news and premium entertainment. The ten episode mini-series “The Offer”, for example, revolves around the making of the legendary film “The Godfather”. Also on board is the true crime documentary series “The Real Criminal Minds”. “Lioness” is a spy drama. A young marine is recruited by the CIA to befriend a terrorist’s daughter and overthrow the organization from within. Previous offers from CBS All Access are also finding their way onto the streaming portal, including numerous formats relating to “Star Trek” and the series “The Twilight Zone” and “Tell me a Story”.

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Where does Paramount Plus start?

If you don’t like it that exciting, you can look forward to “Kamp Koral” – a spin-off to Nickelodeon’s Spongebob SquarePants. In 2021, another film by the yellow sea creature will come with “SpongeBob SquarePants – A Sponge-Tastic Rescue”. Paramount Plus will debut in Australia, Latin America and Scandinavia in 2021. The program will then have more than 30,000 episodes and films from CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Paramount Pictures. When the service comes to Germany is still open. CBS All Access costs US $ 5.99 with advertising (around 5 euros) and US $ 9.99 without advertising (around 8.50 euros) in the US. In terms of price, the offer in Germany should be in the same range.



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