Otelo deal: small price, lots of data volume, free tablet

If you are looking for a new mobile phone tariff these days and value a lot of data volume at a good price, you should look at the following deal. Thanks to the lush Verivox instant bonus, the monthly average price is just around 10 euros.
Otelo Allnet-Flat Classic with free tablet 10 GB data volume (LTE 50), Allnet-Flat, 19.99 euros basic fee

Otelo tariff with Alcatel Smart Tab 7

The tariff is the “Allnet-Flat Classic”, the one Allnet and SMS flat rate as well as full 10 gigabytes Mark data volume. The latter can be done with up to 50 Mbit / s in the Vodafone network use. The contract is valid for a period of two years and costs 19.99 euros per month. The amount per month that you ultimately pay is significantly less. Reason: Verivox donated 240 euros instant bonus and puts a copy of the entry-level tablet Alcatel Smart Tab 7 to. In addition, if you successfully transfer your number, you secure an additional 10 euros. So there is a Average price per month of 9.57 euros.



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